Atomic Kitten

People really arguing over who is a better vocalist between Kerreh and Jenneh?

I dont really like Kerry much and adore Jenny but I fully accept that Kerry sounds so much better on Whole Again.

Jenny pretty much owns her in regards to anything else though.
I think Kerry sounds better on her spoken middle 8 in Whole Again (Jenny sounds like she phoned that one in). I also prefer Kerry's vocals on Right Now and I enjoy her vocals on I Want Your Love. I don't really hear her vocals on See Ya, Cradle or Follow Me.

Jenny was great on the material post Whole Again but it did feel like a different band at that point too. Kerry worked for the whole K-pop/bubblegum pop style they were going for initially. She was, if you will, the ''Geri'' of that group - she was quite loud, she said what came into her head, she was the motivation and drive behind much of what they did at the start. But then once they moved passed that I don't think Kerry really fit the mould (as seen in The Big Reunion and anything following on from that). Her loudness and brazen attitude was no longer a good fit as the music and the girls themselves were more sophisticated and polished by that stage.

I was thrilled to have Kerry back, as 1.0 Atomic Kitten is one of my favourite eras for the group. Certainly The Big Reunion wouldn't have been quite as exciting to watch without her return. In hindsight, there was never going to be any way forward with Kerry in the group and had Jenny been there instead, I'm pretty sure the girls would have continued on touring and releasing music, much in the way B*witched did/do (though whatever happened to that full album??). So we might have got more live stuff and an E.P. or single etc. I wonder if Kerry ever seriously considered doing anything like that post the show though, or whether it was only ever just something to give her a little career boost and get her back in the spotlight again?
Natasha’s got a solo album coming out. From her mailing list:

Whilst the summer holidays passed in such a blur, one day I got a phone call that I will never forget. The words “How would you feel about getting back in to music?” flowed down the phone and my heart skipped a beat ❤️

I was being offered a solo record deal...I had the biggest lump in my throat. I didn’t know wether to laugh or cry! For years I’d kind of convinced myself that music just wasn’t for me any more. I knew I’d always enjoy the odd Kitten’s gig, but I never thought this opportunity would come back wrong I was!

So for the past 6 weeks, we have been planning song choices, first single release, album release, photo shoots and getting together my own live band. It’s been such an exciting and creative time and I can hands down honestly say it's the most excited and terrified I’ve been in a very long time!

Where has that fearless feisty redhead disappeared to?! But as each day passes, I just remind myself that these opportunities don’t come along every day so I have to grab this with both hands and enjoy every single second

So this week I will be laying down the vocals to my fist ever solo release track. I’m heading to Manchester on Friday to do that, then straight down to London to rehearse for my first solo gigs of the year. I have a 2 night residency at The Boisdale of Belgravia on October 9th & 10th.

Come November, I will be shooting the video to my single. Even writing this down seem so surreal - I’m eternally grateful for all the incredible opportunities that are coming my way.
She did release a solo single before though... no?

I'm actually excited for her! She has such a great, distinctive voice and it's about time she gets some music out there. Bit dubious as to what sound they'll go with and it sounds as if she'll be selecting songs already written so I hope it isn't covers.
Great news about the solo deal! I used to love Natasha's Ms Emotional. I don't think the song was ever properly released, but it had a video.