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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ADolla, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. Any fans on here? Absolutely gorgeous, beautiful, wonderful music. Spine-tinglingly good. Anyway, if you do like them, their third album Still Night, Still Light is out in May.

    If you haven't heard of them, download the song Stay Golden PRONTO!
  2. Well I loved their last album. Don't know much else about them, but shall be looking out for the new material.

  3. i'm a fan too ... their first album is good but their last oen was just sublime .. every bit as good as The Bird and The Bee ...

    apparently there is a new album coming out but i can;t find anythign about it anywhere ...
  4. They sent an email out to people on their mailing list yesterday saying they had just finished recording. It's out in Europe mid-April, and UK and USA May.
  5. Sad Song was the track of theirs I kept playing last summer...I've been trying to remember that, hahaha. Now I have. Success.

  6. I love that song so much. Give me a sad song!
  7. [video=youtube;kwvvlTKi5cE][/video]
  8. Amazing comeback single, the video is also lovely, so clean, fresh and the girls look really good.
  9. A&E


    Move in Spectrums is out in a month and here's the next single, "Crazy":

  10. Somebody Who is better, but this is cute single.

    So, we can tell by the singles this album will be a less electronic... Can't wait to see them live in a few months!
  11. 360


    I'm so glad Au Revoir Simone are still making music. I'm so excited for "Move in Spectrums". I thought for definite that when Erika Spring (one of the lead female vocalists) left to start a solo career Au Revoir Simone was done for good. She released a stunning EP. Very similar to the music that Au Revoir Simone makes. I was sure the band was done after that but apparently it was just a slight deviation because they have now re-united for this. "Somebody Who" is beautiful as expected. "Crazy" is not as good but still decent. I can't wait for this. I hope it's as good as Still Night, Still Light.
  12. 360


  13. 360


    It appears the lovely ladies from Brooklyn have knocked it out of the park once again. Just finished my first listen and my impressions are very positive. This is a much stronger and ultimately a superior record to Still Night, Still Light. It's still the same dreamlike electronic pop backed by their soothing angelic vocals but there's a more electronic and melodic sound behind the tracks now. "Gravitron" is a wonderful track and a great example of the sound they were going for. I feel that "Somebody Who" and "Crazy" really undersell the album. Almost every other track on here is better than those two. So well done girls. Producing such warm, ambient and loving music like this is why I love you.

    Everyone else, check out "Move In Spectrums". Wonderful album.
  14. 360


    I must practically be the only Au Revoir Simone fan on here. Check out "Move In Spectrums" everyone. At the very least give the album's best track "Gravitron" a listen. If you like the band you'll have four albums of material to enjoy.

    Anyone listened to the album yet?
  15. A&E


    You know, some people wait for albums to actually be released!
  16. A&E


    I was unable to listen to any album for some time lately so I kind of forgot about this until today, when I heard "Somebody Who" in an H&M. The album is lovely, at first I thought it would peak with the two opening tracks but "Boiling Point" might be even better. "Just Like a Tree" and "Somebody Who" are other standouts. I need to listen more to warm up to all tracks (at times the twinkling synths are grating) but overall I'm satisfied with this album.
  17. Well Move In Spectrums is nothing short of a revelation ...

    It has all of the good bits of the Haim album with none of the pastiche (not slagging Haim, it's a great album) ...

    Gravitron is just the business ...

    And there's even a good dose of Goldfrapp thrown in for good meaasure ...
  18. I've always wanted to check out this band but have never gotten around to it. Is the new one a good place to start, or should I go with something else first?
  19. 360


    I'd probably go in chronological order through their albums starting with the first one. Every album they've ever made has at least two or three beautiful and fantastic tracks on it (for example their first album has Through The Backyards which is still one of the best tracks they've ever recorded). Move In Spectrums is wonderful but it is very different to their earlier sound. Still Night, Still Light for example was probably the final evolution of the same sound they had with their first three albums but Spectrums is a complete change in direction and a wonderful sounding one at that.

    They're a lovely band though. You should like what you hear.
  20. Thanks! I think I'll start with "Still Night, Still Light" and follow that up with "Move in Spectrums."
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