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August 2021 PJ Charts: Keep Your Heart 'Cause I Already Got One

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Aug 10, 2021.

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    1. Send a chart of your 10 favourite songs and 5 to 10 favourite albums (using the format below) in a PM to @ohnostalgia
    2. You can choose to send only songs or albums if you wish
    3. The songs can be singles, album tracks, demos, or anything you want.
    4. The albums can be full length, EP, compilations and even unreleased albums
    5. You cannot submit a ballot entirely full of K-pop. There is an equally fabulous K Chart run by @Slice of Life. You must vote for at least one non K-pop song (a K-pop song for the Japanese/Chinese/etc market is treated the same as a release for Korean audiences). I would encourage you to vote for at least one non K-pop album, but it is not required.
    6. The songs and albums can be released whenever, but releases within the past 6 months or so have the best chance to make a chart.
    7. The charts should be what you've been listening to in the past month.
    8. Your favourite song/album gets 10 points, scaling all the way down to 1 point.
    9. The total points earned builds the chart.
    10. An album or song must have a minimum of two voters to chart.
    11. Ties are broken by number of voters, then by highest vote, by quality of vote, then lowest score. If we still can't break parity the entries remain tied.
    12. The top five songs each month make the PJ Chart Rate, a modified Eurovision Style contest that runs once a year.


    Please use the following template when voting.

    10 points:
    9 points:
    8 points:
    7 points:
    6 points:
    5 points:
    4 points:
    3 points:
    2 points:
    1 point:

    If you are only voting for five albums, stop at 6 points.

    When submitting a specific entry please use the following formats

    Song (Feature Artist) - Main Artist
    Album - Artist

    If a song has two artists, but neither is featured, please submit accordingly

    Song - Main Artist 1 & Main Artist 2

    Thank You.

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    01. I am not a woman, I'm a god | Halsey
    02. justified | Kacey Musgraves
    03. Mood Ring | Lorde
    04. star-crossed | Kacey Musgraves
    05. You Can't Sit With Us | SUNMI
    06. Secrets (Your Fire) | Magdalena Bay
    07. X (feat. Jeremih) | Tinashe
    08. Take My Breath | The Weeknd
    09. Burning Bridges | Sigrid
    10. Undo (Back To My Heart) | Tinashe

    11. Girl is a Gun | Halsey
    12. You Signed Up For This | Maisie Peters
    13. Rumours (feat. Cardi B) | Lizzo
    14. Out Out (feat. Charli XCX & Saweetie) | Joel Corry
    15. You Asked For This | Halsey
    16. Easier Than Lying | Halsey
    17. Queendom | Red Velvet
    18. The Chase | Tinashe
    19. Under My Skin | Katy B
    20. Think About You | Ladyhawke

    21. Violent Delights | CHVRCHES
    23. Aikuisten Rannekkeet | Erika Vikman
    24. Low Low | WayV - Ten & YangYang
    25. Buscame | ROSS
    26. Worst (I Assume) | JoJo
    27. One Night | Griff
    28. Saute | Barbara Pravi
    29. Fancy (Dave Aude Remix) | Reba McEntire
    30. Coastin | Victoria Monet

    31. Don't Play With My Heart | India Shawn
    32. Brooklyn | Maisie Peters
    33. Todo y Nada | Playa Limbo
    34. Bunny Is A Rider | Caroline Polachek
    35. After We Ride | Brave Girls
    36. Bloody Future | Kilo Kish
    37. Polygon Wave | Perfume
    38. Bouncin' | Tinashe
    38. Good Girls | CHVRCHES
    38. Small Reminders | Tinashe


    01. 333 | Tinashe
    02. If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power | Halsey
    03. Screen Violence | CHVRCHES
    04. Happier Than Ever | Billie Eilish
    05. Solar Power | Lorde
    06. You Signed Up For This | Maisie Peters
    07. Pressure Machine | The Killers
    08. Queendom | Red Velvet
    09. 1/6 | Sunmi
    10. One in a Million | Aaliyah

    11. Crying on the Bathroom Floor | Will Young
    12. Woman on the Internet | Orla Gartland
    13. Wannabe 25 | Spice Girls
    14. Faking My Own Death | Allison Ponthier
    15. Erika Vikman | Erika Vikman
    16. Pink Noise | Laura Mvula
    17. Different Kinds of Light | Jade Bird
    18. 3 | Ngaiire
    19. When Facing The Things We Turn Away From | Luke Hemmings
    20. Planet Her | Doja Cat

    21. grayground. | GRAY
    22. Any Shape You Take | Indigo De Souza
    23. Mood Ring | Kississippi
    25. Blue Weekend | Wolf Alice
    26. How Long Do You Think It's Gonna Last | Big Red Machine
    27. On N'Enferme Pas Les Oiseaux | Barbara Pravi
    28. Aisles | Angel Olsen
    29. Luces De Sal | Playa Limbo
    29. Rey | Camila Moreno

    31. OK Prologue: BE OK | CIX
    32. The Cave Sessions, Vol 1 | Diane Warren
    33. Vespertine | Bjork
    34. Syzygy | Monarchy
    36. evermore | Taylor Swift
    37. Back to Basics | Christina Aguilera
    38. No Gods No Masters | Garbage
    39. Respect Soundtrack | Jennifer Hudson
    40. Summer Popup Album (POPPING) | ONF

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    I'll make this prettier later on. Here's the link to the collaborative August 2021 FYCs playlist.

  6. ohnostalgia

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    And since I really only paid attention to K-Pop so far, here are three videos for you.

  7. [​IMG]
    (The song and video are great, think I'll vote for it.)
  8. The Weeknd has released another 80s inspired bop

    And this is very cute
  9. Will Young released a cover album that's worth a listen. Some of the arrangements are a little bland, but Richard X's production is lovely and the song choices are really interesting. Anyone who covers MUNA and Everything But The Girl on the same album is gonna get points from me no matter what.

  10. FYC:


    Also obviously 333. Good luck to Lorde beating out this to #1 this month.

  11. Allison Ponthier's EP is out! She's like a poppier Phoebe Bridgers.

  12. Ok but which Tinashe songs are we voting for on the singles chart? The Chase seems to be a forum favorite but as of now Undo (Back To My Heart) is the one for me.
  13. We're supporting Michellegend Branch's The Spirit Room annniversary, right?
  14. Two new Maisie songs.

    My 10 is 'You Signed Up For This'.
    My 9 is 'Brooklyn'.

    "Please don't give up on me yet
    I know I'll get better
    I'm just not better yet
    Can you tell I'm trying?
    Running out of breath
    I know I'll get better
    I'm just not better yet"

    Get out of my head Maisie.
  15. These two new tracks give me 1989 TSwift vibes in the best way. Interest piqued.
  16. FYC: a little bite-sized 14 minute EP of pop excellence!
  17. Either my brain is broken or this sounds like a Girls Aloud album track:

    I feel like Samia fans might find this one useful:

    Lush as always:
  18. ATTN Quirky Pop Rate voters & others with taste

    August 20th

    August 27th

    Please support!
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  19. I have not done this for a Retro track for ages but this discovery has blown me away since I first heard it and segways perfectly into supporting more Spanish Music!

    If you have the space, please listen to this AMAZING MEGA BOP!! I cannot understand much without google translate - but I can probably recite it by heart now!

    Give some love to Búscame by ROSS!

    @Oleander - is this some sort of Lost Spanish Classic, or genuinely never a hit anywhere? Because the world really missed out!!

    10 Year Anniversary to this amazing album too! Give some love to Soft Universe by PNAU!
    (definitely up your alley @OspreyQueen @CorgiCorgiCorgi)

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    Okay I know they’ve been very hit and miss since Day & Age, but i promise the new Killers album is worth it. It’s even got a duet with Phoebe Bridgers, who would turn that down. I hope @2014 feels a similar way so that we can chart a song and the album.

    Speaking of @2014 faves, Nao is back.
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