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AURORA - Infections Of A Different Kind

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Apr 5, 2018.

  1. Possibly jumping the gun here, but our Norwegian Folktronica fairy has just uploaded a video teasing new music.

    It sounds like the studio version of this lovely ditty
  2. New songs;

  3. I loved the debut, even/especially “Half the World Away”. I am the biggest sucker for whispy ethereal songstresses.
  4. looking forward to this
  5. Fashion, dahling!


    Also, October tour

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  6. Queendom's beautiful artwork:

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  7. I just realised a bit of her is missing in that artwork. I’m properly excited for new material and listened to her last album today. Still stellar.
  8. Ohhhhh that artwork!!! That is insanely beautiful!!!!
  9. It's very Bjork-like.
  10. Is that the single artwork or the album?
  11. Queendom will be out tomorrow

  12. Well I heard live recordings of a few new tracks and I knew that this one wouldn't be one of my favourites, I like her a lot more when things get a little darker. My favourite Aurora tracks thus far are In Boxes, Under The Water and Black Water Lillies.

    Looking forward to Churchyard, Soft Universe and It Happened Quiet.
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  13. I love the song, she's definitely seems like a more fully realised version of herself and it does not disappoint.

    I love the lyrics and the production is beautiful.
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  14. That chorus is a bit of a letdown, no?
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  15. This is nice.
  16. I'm underwhelmed.
    The vocals and lyrics are...ok
    But the production is very dull.
  17. I absolutely love it.
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  19. I'm really liking this!
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