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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robbietoxic, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. Austin put out a new EP/Mix tape today. This now marks the 4th project like this before he has even released an official debut album which is ridiculous. He is now independent and seems to have taken the rights to his previous material with him as they have now all been re-uploaded onto iTunes etc. under A.M music.

    The single he is pushing samples the chorus for Lady and it obviously features Pitbull.

    Other than that the EP is better than 'This Is Not The Album' but it doesn't come close to matching the greatness of The Secret.
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  2. The Secret was legitimately amazing.
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  3. This is disgusting. How dare he.
  4. If all his releases were like The Secret, I wouldn't even need an album!
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  5. Okay, but Lady is the sort of basic bop I'm always craving. Into it.
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  6. Hmmmm... 'Pretty and Young' is a cute song. I can bop to this for now!
  7. I'm looking forward to grabbing this, but artists like Austin really need to include their face on the cover of their releases.
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  8. Pretty and Young is the song off the EP for me but it is actually a strong project. It feels like they are finally making better steps forward again.

    He performed with Pitbull on NYE and at least did a bit of Lady but I doubt it really added any streams. He needs to actually make a video for this.

  9. Can't believe its 2017 and Austin Mahone has yet to release his debut album. His poor tween fans will all be in their 30s by the time one actually comes out.
  10. If one comes out.
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  11. What fans.
  12. 'Lady' is literally awful but I'm using.
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  13. Why would you have a tape as the picture of this mixtape/EP? He has a pretty face, use it.
  14. I read this and legitimately thought he was sampling this
  15. The closest he has come to having decent artwork was the Dirty Work single cover and we all know how well that did. He is beginning to push this project but I can't see it becoming anything now which is a shame as it is actually decent.
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  16. I went to Coverlandia in search of alternative covers for his mixtapes and I'm so sorry I did.

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  17. Legit would throw more money at him if he went down this route.
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  18. Well this is rather random and homoerotic. Why does it sound like they're all singing/rapping to one another? Pitbull, Austin Mahone and R Kelly.

    Some choice lyrics:
    "I can tell that you have an open mind and love to have a good time, yes. Baby I was built a little different. I don't deal with social media, everything is strictly done on the DL"
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  19. It reminds me of Britney Spears "It Should Be Easy" for some reason. Austin must be competing with J-Lo for amount of Pitbull collabs.
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  20. Here for Pitbull and Austin's Cheek to Cheek.
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