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Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by ItTakesAMuscle, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. Australia has selected their participant and song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, with the reveal taking place soon. This year will be the third time that Australia has competed at the Eurovision Song Contest, with SBS again opting to internally select both their singer and song for the contest in Kiev, Ukraine.

    Michael Ebeid, the Managing Director of the Australian broadcaster SBS, has now signed off on all the Australian preparations for the 62nd edition of the contest.

    Australian broadcaster SBS is expected to reveal their participant for Kiev during the first week of March. The artist presents the actual song just over a week later.

    In recent years, two singers have represented Australia at the contest, Guy Sebastian in 2015 and Dami Im in 2016. Dami Im is the most successful singer at the contest so far finishing in 2nd place in Stockholm just 23 points behind the winner Jamala from Ukraine. Dami Im’s song “Sound of Silence” won the jury voting with 320 points, but finished 4th in the televote with 191 points.

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  3. Come through, Samantha Jade or Delta Goodrem.
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  4. Would love Samantha Jade. As I need new music from her.

    I feel like it could end up being of the recent male X Factor AU winners though.
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  5. It'll be Jae Waetford.
  7. I feel like it might be The Veronicas
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  8. I reckon either The Veronicas or Isaiah. The Veronicas haven't released their album yet and would probably benefit from the surrounding ESC publicity. SBS would be salivating over sending an indigenous kid like Isaiah (who seems to be having a moment in Europe on Spotify right now).

    I'd be happy with either as long as the song was good.
  9. Who the funk is Isaiah?
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  10. The most recent X Factor AU winner.
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  11. It's crazy how amped I am for this reveal. I will admit that I was one of those people who was like, "Australia in Eurovision? The fuck?" at first but now they are one of my most anticipated country reveals. I'm really looking forward to hearing who they've chosen and their song, and normally I don't really care until the semi finals. All the names being batted about would be great choices!

    Last year cemented that they're not here to mess about, and it makes it so enjoyable to see a country with such influence come into the competition, breathe such life into it, and who take the competition seriously, and they're nowhere near the European continent! The UK and Ireland should take note, but they won't.
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  12. Agreed. Even if Dami Im and Guy Sebastian aren't exactly Kylie or Natalie Imbruglia, they've done the job with pride and with a quality in their performances that have put almost everybody else to shame.

    I'm hoping so badly it's Delta. Her last album was filled with songs that sounded like written for Eurovision, and it would be just what she needs to resurrect her career here.
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  13. Plus, she could unleash a best of collection all over Europe to showcase her amazing material. The timing is perfect. Watch it be a subpar nobody.
  14. The Veronicas would be amazing, especially with a big banger.
  15. I'm not a fan of Delta but the SBS/Sony machine made Guy Sebastian palatable so whatever happens it should be decent at least.

    Would LOVE The Veronicas to compete - they seem to have May blocked out until the 25th-ish.
  16. Is it significant that it's being announced in Melbourne? I keep hoping Vanessa Amorosi will do it. She's from Melbourne and making a comeback any time now.
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  17. I just googled artists from Melbourne. Watch it be Gotye.

    Although I guess I wouldn't rule out the likes of Dannii and Tina Arena either.
  18. I can see it being The Veronicas or Samantha Jade.
  19. I still want a collab formed group for ESC consisting out of Delta, Dannii, Natalie Imbruglia, Samantha and Vanessa Amorosi.
  20. They are all too white for SBS!
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