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Australia 2017

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by ItTakesAMuscle, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. The year with the Common Linnets was a top 3 filled with ballads, so the year after it was ballads and ballads. Last year sort of the same happened. I feel like a lot of countries instantly copy what was winning, but it has never worked. Though I think Russia came close with copying Mans. After Lordi won, we got a shitload of crappy try to be funny acts, which ended quickly luckily.
  2. Im surprised they chose Isaiah. He has not been so successful in Australia since he won X-Factor... Samantha Jade would of definitely been a better choice for something more upbeat. Two ballads in a row is a bit boring especially when the song is not as good as last years.
  3. I though Isaiah would at least bring some great vocals, but even those were boring. I expected better, Australia.
  4. Wouldn't have been averse to Vlado myself. He could at least put on a show and would have pulled some more diaspora votes in with his Serbian background.
  5. I'll eat my own words and mention Isaiah's song is stellar from side to side. This should win the whole thing in this sea of mediocre material.
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  6. It's Gotta Be You is actually shaping up to be a bigger hit in Europe than in Australia, so there's potential.
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  7. I'm in love.
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  8. Me too....
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  9. Don't you dare corrupt my boyfriend. I know where you've been!
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