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Australia 2018

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by ItTakesAMuscle, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. SBS (and Sony Music, I guess?) will be announcing the Australian contestant at some point today.

  2. As my Aussie friend so rightly put it - "This year we need a tits out banger"

    No pressure SBS...
  3. Hmmm....

    Ricki-Lee posted from a studio on Saturday "Back at it... and you're gonna lose your fucking mind when you hear this one!"

    AussieVision on why they think it could be Ricki-Lee: here.
  4. If Ricki-Lee turns out to be Australia's entry, hopefully the song doesn't highlight her limitations. She's serving the wrong kind of struggle vocals in 'Not Too Late' so hopefully she serves something that's within her range. A "tits out banger" would be perfect after the ballads from our last entries.
  5. Fighting For Love would've been perfect last year instead of Isaiah...

  6. I am so pleased it’s Jessica! I love her so much. Winner please.
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  7. Ooh Aah... Just a Little Bit 2018 please Australia. No ballads.
  8. Ugh love a bit of the Mauboy. Bring a banger please!
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  10. Successica Mauboy is either going to bring a basic electro bop or some 1960s retro moment of whatever.


  11. I went off Dami a bit when I saw her (sound of) silence regarding the same sex marriage in Australia.

    Delighted for Jessica. She's amazing.
  12. Brilliant choice. I'll hold out for Delta's European comeback for another year.

    I also love how Australia keeps being better at diversity than all other participating countries. Has any other country selected more artists with consideration for representating both ethnic minorities and the indigenous population? And in just four years?

    Show them how it's done, Australia.
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  13. Ooh Jessica is a great choice. Never Be The Same is that song.

    Samantha Jade next tho pls
  14. [​IMG]

    We clearly have very different hopes for Australia (and the future of Europe).

  15. Fixed the font size for you. You're welcome.


    Also, why isn't there a 7th Heaven or Almighty remix of ”Hurt Anymore”? It's begging for it.
  16. Holly can't sing and is too busy sitting in that billionaire money.

    "She married a man as rich as her voice should be. I guess she wins."
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  17. Song and video released this Friday. It leaked earlier this week, I listened and it wasn't shit (phew) but it's been removed from just about everywhere.
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  18. ALLEGEDLY the version that leaked was a 'demo', but we'll see.
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  19. Nothing can really beat Dami Im but I just hope it's better than Isaiah and not an embarrassment.
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