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Australia 2018

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by ItTakesAMuscle, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. Sssssssssssssssssssis

    I'm quite literally in a long term relationship with an Australian, so let's not.
  2. Really not the case at all. If anything I’d love even more countries to jump in to the mix - Kosovo, Kazakhstan, Lietchenstein next please - but the problem for me here isn’t the country, it’s the song being tepid & by-the-numbers safe, especially knowing how good Jess can be and after (what feels like) a lot of hype. I’d be saying the same if any other country had decided to use it as their entry. It’s still top half this year but it’s also no Sound of Silence.
  3. You and Alf Stewart make a lovely couple too xxx
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  4. I'm happy for them to compete as long as they serve quality, which they now haven't two years in a row. Isaiah quite simply should not have qualified last year the fact that the juries dragged him up in both the semi and the final despite multiple bum notes bothers me.
  5. There's a separate jury show and it's obvious he didn't hit those bum notes or he wouldn't have scored so well. I get that one of the worst songs we've sent still got a place in the Top 10. That must hurt a lot.

    Not talking to you @Rhombus! You're true blue dinky-di.
  6. I'm also a sooky la la :(
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  7. Fuck, I hate how Australia being in this competition gets me all competitive. Every slight grinds my gears.

    We just need to grab our towels and come together

    for the music.
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  8. Jess Mauboy, the true gay icon of Australia!

    I’m optimistic about this. It’s catchy and I think will go over really well live. I think they’ve restrained some of the vocals in the studio recording so if she’s not feeling vocally game she can still hit the notes, or she could do a Dami and go above and beyond with the belts and stuff on the live stage.

    The best part about Jess is that her stage presence is undeniable - I can see her having a ball singing this and that’ll hopefully give it some extra layers of fab!
  9. The comments on Wiwibloggs are hateful. That's when you know you've got a good song, right?
  10. Well, a lot of people hate Australia thanks to the jury, but I'm in love with this song, and I'm a Mauboylover since 2007 <3.
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  11. I agree with parts of this. 'Sound of Silence' sounded underwhelming but Dami elevated it when she performed it live. I think Jess will do the same with 'We Got Love'. Oh, and the song title isn't hashtagged on Spotify thank goodness.
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  12. Oh yeah, i agree - I wasn't shading Queen Dami, she absolutely brought SoS to life on stage!
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  13. This is my favourite entry so far. It's great.
  14. I think Australia has a good shot of winning with this.

    It's different from everything else I've heard so far, has a good message and if Jess kills the vocal, then it will go down really well.
  15. This sounds like complete filler. A winner?
  16. I like it. I enjoy the use of the drums from the Baywatch theme tune.
  17. Number 1 on Aussie iTunes. It’s probably going to be a huge hit for her here once Eurovision actually starts.
  18. I think Celine should put a call in to her legal team... (I still love Jessica's entry though)

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  19. I can’t believe I didn’t hear the similarities sooner! I guess that’s why it’s currently growing on me.
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  20. Maybe Ricki-Lee can be 2019's entry... once she's ditched this 'stripped back worthy song' with demo vocals she threw out last year. Raining Dimaonds or Crazy banger please!
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