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Australia 2018

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by ItTakesAMuscle, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. There's three types of opinions from Australian's in regards to Australia participating in Eurovision.

    1. "What the fuck is a 'Eurovision'?"
    2. "YES! About time!!"
    3. "Love Eurovision.... but we're not in Europe..."

    I love Eurovision but never care who wins (since Loreen). I just look forward to some amazing Euro-pop bangers!
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  2. I’d probably give this year a miss then.
  3. Jessica is doing two gigs whilst she's over in Europe!

  4. this has grown on me a lot oop
  5. Same
  6. Count me in on the “this has recently grown on me”
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  8. Same for me, one of my faves this year!
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  9. Oz OGAE has voted

    1 point for FYR Macedonia [​IMG]
    2 points for Bulgaria [​IMG]
    3 points for Sweden [​IMG]
    4 points for Belgium [​IMG]
    5 points for Cyprus [​IMG]
    6 points for Czech Republic [​IMG]
    7 points for France [​IMG]


    8 points for Estonia [​IMG]

    10 points for Finland [​IMG]

    12 points for ISRAEL [​IMG]
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Off topic, but Delta's "Welcome to earth" sounds like a lost Eurovision entry. Perhaps Delta was going to be in after all?
  12. This is the song she should have entered.

    The tribal drums and the chorus is tailor made for Eurovision.
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  13. Delta would be perfect. Her international career is at a place where Eurovision would be a boost to her, and she's still quasi known in the UK so could promote on morning TV there.
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  14. Real talk, Australia will keep flopping the televote because most casual viewers are jaded about their participation. It doesn't really matter who they send; unless they're Dami Im incredible, I really think they're gonna struggle.
  15. We Got Love is one of the best songs of this year and she was amazing: so much energy and passion. Not perfect vocally, but her attitude was everything. She looked good, but I was scared that something would have come out of that dress...
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  16. Not them predicting the future!!
  17. So proud of Jessica, and she did such a good song ( except the outfit ). She deserved higher than 20th place .

    Dami Im is still the best contestant , and should have won it the year she was on .

    Guy and Isiah were terrible.

    Delta and Rickki Lee goin in it is just laughable.
  18. I hadn’t listened to the song before the final (as I try to each year) and it was one of my top 3 of the night. I thought she gave a great performance and really deserved better. It’s a song I keep going back to
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  19. Everyone I watched with thought that Jess:
    - Had a brilliant, Eurovision-ready song
    - Looked great
    - Sounded clear and strong
    - Danced well, reflecting the frantic atmosphere of the song's climax

    Naturally there was a big gasp in the room when she came last in televote.
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