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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Red Coat, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. I think this deserves a thread considering how amazing it is!

    Anyone watching Cycle 7? I'm loving it! There's definitley some great girls in there.

    Sarah Murdoch is such a great host/judge too! Much more charasmatic than the boring Jodhi Meares on Cycles 3 and 4!

    Alex Perry annoys me. Bigtime. Charlotte Dawson, however, is a legend!

    I miss Jonathon Pease too! I think that was just for eye candy though, haha. Cos we was quite strict and 'mean' at times. Josh Flinn is doing a great job anyway!

    Who were your fave contestants/winners? I have strong love for Cycle 6's Kelsey (Though, you could almost say she did win?) and Joanna. I loved Caris and Alyce from Cycle 4 too!
  2. I love AusNTM but I can't get into the current series at all. It has a different feel to the previous series, it seems both over edited and under edited at the same time. I also think they were disappointed this Cassy wasn't a nutjob, usually they string girls like her along for ages.
  3. I know I shouldn't bump but I'm doing an AusNTM marathon and I remembered how much I adore it.
  4. Did you know that Cycle 9 had A-list celebrities and actual model potential.
  5. The Australian version is the definitive one in terms of production values. Look at last years' opening titles:

    I can't wait for it to come back, but the return date hasn't been announced yet.
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  6. Coincidentally I watched an episode of this a few days ago and it was a photo shoot where the girls had to pose underneath motorcycles.

    The judging section involved scoring the girls which I thought was awful, especially when the scoring when completely wrong (the woman in the middle gave 8's to everyone despite saying they were subpar and the bald bitchy gay gave everyone 5's and kept saying "it's fine........if it's a catalog model".

    It was cruel. I watched a few cycles in the Sarah Murdoch and Charlotte Dawson days and I don't remember it being so excruciating and so fake.
  7. The points system is the worst idea ever. It ruined the American edition and was equally shit on the Australian one.
  8. Is anyone watching this year's cycle? I'm a few episodes behind but I'm liking it so far (just finished episode 2).

    The scoring system is back this year and it seems ok. They seem to be scoring fairly. Megan Gale is a great addition and I think her and Jennifer are good counters to Alex's bitchiness.
  9. I love Megan but the scoring system is BULLSHIT.

    Get ready for some AWFUL eliminations...
  10. I just watched the fourth episode. It was makeover week and one of the girls, Daisy, had a meltdown over a couple of inches being trimmed off. She briefly mentioned to Cheyenne that she might prefer going home than getting her hair cut. My thoughts about it are basically this:


    Meanwhile, Kassidy got an undercut hairstyle like Miley Cyrus and was the only one who was justified in having a meltdown. I liked Daisy at first, but her whining is starting to get on my nerves.

    My faves to win are Aleyna, Belinda, Jessie and Kassidy now, especially after this makeover week. Aleyna is a standout, but not sure I want yet another brunette to win. Of the season's I've watched, Alice is the only one that's not a brunette and it'd be nice to have a bit of diversity.
  11. Linnea is stunningly beautiful.
  12. Linnea is so beautiful and she's still young. She'll only become more beautiful as she approaches her 20s.

    I kind of have a soft spot for Sabine. She's so shy, and I felt for her a little bit during the Colgate challenge, not being able to speak up against the 2 older girls. I know it's not Australia's Next Top Lovely Person but she's seems so sweet and lovely and I find her endearing. It's good to see that she tries to push passed her shyness to get the job done as well.
  13. Yay. a thread on this. I think its the best Top Model show along with Asia because you don't get much reality TV bullshit and romance.

    Kassidy showed another side to her this week.
  14. I love this show but it is so boring, and the eliminations are bullshit because of that scoring system. The last three episodes have seen the elimination of three girls that should have at least been in the Top 6.

    Can we talk about this though because Jordan, Jessie, and Vitoria leaving in succession is absolute garbage. Meanwhile we still have Belinda, who has yet to take a good photo, Daisy who is just not very good at modeling and is an annoying whiner, and Sabine who, as much as I like her, has taken horrendous pictures in the last few weeks. It's almost like they eliminated almost all of Aleyna's competition early on in order to make her win more justified (because, come on, if the Top 3 doesn't include Linnea to balance it out, it will be an outrage.) Hoping the remaining girls leave in this order:

    6. Belinda
    5. Daisy
    4. Sabine/Kassidy
    3. Sabine/Kassidy
    2. Linnea/Aleyna
    1. Linnea/Aleyna

    Sabine is beautiful and is the only girl besides Vitoria (and Kassidy with her new kind of bitchy edit) to make comments that make me laugh (as opposed to all the other girls' endless and mandatory "Oh My God" and "x-thing or person is iconic" comments), but she needs to take at least a couple good photos in the upcoming episodes to justify her lasting that long, since she stopped taking them after the horse photoshoot.
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  15. I just watched episode 5 and I'm annoyed that Jessie was eliminated over Christy! I guess both photos were OK, and both weren't on brief, but I thought Jessie's was better. At least she had some movement and was going for something dynamic. She also at least has the nerve to be a working model, whereas Christy just crumbles at the first sign of bad feedback.

    Also, I'm thinking we don't have to mark things as spoilers if the episode has already aired. Not sure what's best but if it's been more than a day or so, it should be fair game.
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  16. Double post (oops!)

    I'm somewhat surprised at Kassidy's turn. She was a right bitch this episode. You can't get a bitch edit like that if you don't say bitchy things. Calling out Alex's lips, like really? He's a bit much sometimes but not unfairly harsh and provides constructive feedback.

    If Belinda doesn't bring it next episode, she's being struck off my list of faves.
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  17. Yeah, unfortunately they've started editing Kassidy into a mean-spirited competitor, and I'm sure it will all come to a head next week with the drama at panel. However, in Kassidy's defense, I think it's not too hard to come off as bitchy in a season full of "best friends" and so much beige blandness in terms of personality. She's just the first to indicate any sort of frustration at others' success and even if it's immature, it's normal when put in a competition like this, so I'm OK with it, even if only because it actually adds the tiniest bit of drama to this show.
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  18. I wonder if Aleyna is really smug around the house or its just Kassidy being jealous. I can totally understand where Kassidy is coming from but the way she keeps going on about needing a 10 (and next week's promo showed her still doing it) all of a sudden makes her look really embarrassing.

    Also, I actually like Alex Perry. Jennifer is the one that annoys me the most on the panel, she is so bland. You can tell Cheyenne sometimes thinks the models are being pathetic. It shows on her face.
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  19. Jen-Bot should just be replaced full time by Cheyenne or Megan. Come to think of it, a panel of Megan, Alex, and Cheyenne would be pretty flawless. Let the Stenmark twins (who are gorgeous but so, so boring and monotone) be the mentors or whatever, Cheyenne would be better than Jen at hosting.
  20. Kassidy still continues in her quest for a 10 and judging by the next episode promo the other girls are going to get annoyed with her, love how they have seemingly paired her with Aleyna for a task too.

    Aleyna's photo was really over-scored this week, I could almost see the steam coming from Kassidy. She did some great movement on the video footage so I am really shocked they chose such a weak shot and then acted like it was great. So happy for Sabine, her shot was great.

    Linnea's face is ridiculously stunning, when she was stood at the end next to Belinda and Megan was talking about how they both have great faces I could not take my eyes of Linnea. She made Belinda who is a gorgeous girl herself fade into obscurity for me. I'd love to see her win it but I think Aleyna has it in the bag.
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