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Ava Max - Diamonds & Dancefloors (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Feb 7, 2022.

  1. Rob


    The PopJustice forum embracing this song and becoming full on Lil Maxipads... so of course it's bombing.
  2. I absolutely adore Ava and loved most of her singles to date but this feels like one of her weakest yet. Which doesn't mean it's bad, it's fine, but I am not blown away either. I hope she has bigger bops up her sleeve!
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  3. I can't stop thinking about how that music video doesn't just refuse to add anything to the song, but almost makes me dislike the song a little. It's so low budg looking that you might as well saved the money.

    I also need to rant for a small sec... It kind of irks me how none of her personality or any emotion shows through in the vocals. The lyrics are like angry, resilient... but she sings it like she's never even been in a relationship and is just skipping through a field of flowers. And I get "sad/angry lyrics put to upbeat dance music" is a thing. But I want some more fiery passion in her delivery if she's going to be singing a song about something as emotional as a breakup with a shitty person. That's just personal preference though.
  4. Her Beautiful is coming.
  5. A new era with red hair & a music video with Francesco Cuizza as the male lead?

    This fruit looks familiar.

  6. I checked how it's doing on Spotify
    #56 Sweden (-6)
  7. After a few days with it, I do think it slightly suffers from the same issue as 'Light Switch' where they obviously slap but there's maybe too many hooks slapped on top of one another that needs maybe a touch more breathing room.
  8. Were any of her previous singles overnight hits though?
  9. I wasn't expecting a US Top 5 or even Top 50 but not charting on any country's Spotify 200 after amazing NMF placement and coming off the buzz of a great debut era is a bit... yeah.
  10. She's the Rafa Nadal of the pop charts. She'll be two sets down and then slay us all.
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  11. For some reason literally every one of her singles have been REAL slow burners. I have faith it’ll be another big hit for her eventually.
  12. This obviously isn’t an out the gate smash, but it already has 2.8m streams, and from what I can tell is the 4th biggest song from New Music Friday last week (after Justin Bieber, Future and just behind Sam Smith). And that’s without it being on any other huge playlists. I mean it’s early days, and the Motto is still smashing so we’ll see how it’s doing in 3 months time.
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  13. It’s “Blinding Lights” gay little brother in song form, but it kinda slaps.
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  14. Blinding Lights sweetie
  15. Same. They are back to back on the PJ Spotify play list. My first thought, has she just interpolated As It Was? However, it's a fun pop track.
  16. Sorry for the double post but looks like it’s gonna be an album announcement.

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  17. Don’t want to jump the gun here with the release date but a pop artist of Ava’s success not being in label hell until they have a hit is a miracle.
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  18. jtm


    Usually her singles take a while so not waiting for Maybe You‘re The Problem is a weird move unless they are putting The Motto on the album and are just releasing on the back of that.
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  19. When the release date ends up being December 15th 2024
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