Ava Max - Diamonds & Dancefloors

Just got home from the show which was so much fun!! You can tell she really enjoys living the popstar fantasy so she should’ve come out of the giant diamond onstage.

Favorite moments: the guitar solo during Sleepwalker (which she described as her favorite song from the new album, it shows!) and Million Dollar Baby + The Motto as the finale which went all the way off.

The only real head scratcher moment is them deciding to remove some of the oomph from production and cutting some songs in half (justice for Bella Donna and Diamonds & Dancefloors).

The crowd was eating her up the whole time and the wig was wigging so I know she could easily add 3-5 (full) songs to pad out the nonstop bops.
The dramatics of the spoilers! I live.
She was a little drunk and feeling quirky
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The venn diagram between male pop music fan, homosexual brain worms and relentlessly online tiktok/twitter attention seeking ends up with stuff like this and the Bebe situation. We saw the start of it with Charli's douchegate and the parasocial relationship of her fanbase (though it seems to have calmed down now), and this sort of thing is the more aggressive continuation of it where basically no B and C list pop girl is safe.

Fans – specifically queer men – thinking they are entitled to female popstar's space, bodies and attention simply because they've bought some merch or whatever is fucked and I genuinely worry for where this sort of thing is heading.
To be fair to this imbecile, it did look like he was going in for a hug before security turned him around. But the fact he was on stage when he shouldn't have been is already idiotic enough. What is wrong with people?
Is this a post lockdown thing ? Where boundaries and social conventions have been completely forgotten ?

Can you imagine one of these fools trying to pull something like this with a performer like Courtney Love ? They'd end up with a guitar smashed over their heads.