Ava Max - Diamonds & Dancefloors

January is usually one of the slowest release months so it's probably just so they can say the album charted in the top 10.
Yeah this is a pop injustice! I think this album deserved better single choices, title and artwork but I do also wonder how much difference any of that would have made.

It does feel like label have lost faith in Ava and if you’re not willing to splash out on promo, playlist placings, etc. then there’s not much hope.

We’ll see what they do in the run up to January now…
It’s so wild how all this pans out.
The Motto smashed and, I’m not going to go check the release date, but the point is to me and I’m pretty sure the gp it feels like it just happened.
To sound like a broken (& prematurely shipped Dianonds & Dancefloors vinyl) record , the lack of faith these days is such a drag!
No. I’m guessing the digital version will be extended with vinyls remaining untouched. Mabel did that with her latest album.

I mean she added My Head & My Heart to the digital version, so won't be surprised if it's the same like you say.

Unless they plan to release a deluxe vinyl/CDs but looking doubtful.

Is Everything I Cry not going to appear on the album? Shame as I liked it. Odd they aren't including the Motto for those added streams.
I'm listening to the leak. It's all very good stuff. Better than the first album.

She must be furious because the current situation has been created by an incompetent label. It is not surprising that the entire thing was leaked the day before the initial release date! It was meant to happen the moment those vinyls got shipped my mistake.

I'm not sure what they can do now to gain some momentum until the release in January. Both singles have flopped already... It would take a miracle for a 3rd single to actually be a smash.
I think Atlantic was ready for her to smash out the gate after Kings & Queens. Maybe You're The Problem was such a big budget video with a long roll-out. The material is good, so the delay is probably less about where she's prioritized and more that what they've invested and worked hard on mapping out just isn't coming to fruition. I don't know how much of her work is self-funded, but everything in the past reads like Atlantic's been there from start to finish.