Ava Max - Diamonds & Dancefloors

The album's back half is the strongest. It has more personality and the run from One of Us is all classics.

Initial rank because why not
I can hear God
1. Dancing's Done
2. Get Outta My Heart
3. One of Us

4. Million Dollar Baby
5. Cold As Ice
6. Last Night on Earth
7. Diamonds & Dancefloors

8. Maybe You're the Problem
9. Ghost
10. Sleepwalker

Fine, I'll bop
11. Hold Up (Wait a Minute)
12. Weapons
13. Turn Off the Lights
14. In the Dark

Ghost slaps obviously but I do feel the production is a bit skeletal. It could definitely go harder. Last Night on Earth and the title track are gorgeous surprises.
Yeah, this is basically a bops-only affair and I stan. The biggest problem with the first album was that it all felt too try-hard, but outside of Weapons that issue isn't present here.

Currently living for One of Us in all of it's ABBA-cosplay glory.
Gays going “thank you Ava for my gym playlist” as if they play Bob Dylan or a Mozart the rest of the day dd

If you don’t think Ava Max and Ave Maria aren’t designed to destroy my buns as a power couple, then you have another thing coming.