Ava Max - Diamonds & Dancefloors

Can somebody confirm if the vinyl released today is of the new ‘blue full body shot’ cover, or the other ‘diamanté cum-sprayed facial’ cover?

Desperately hoping it’s the new blue one but I fear it is not…
I wanna see her live and get my life along with 16 year old teenagers.
Feel like I'm in the small minority that actually lives for the old cover?

This whole album though is top shelf. She really can spit out melodies and hooks in her sleep. The one thing I would say that maybe drags the album down slightly is that while it's great that she is the main songwriter on all the tracks, I feel somebody could give them a once over to elevate the material as they can feel a little childish. "I'm dancing in the kitchen lights, it dont feel wrong it don't feel right" solidified that for me.
on the Spotify live, she said she wants to do a zombie apocalypse theme for a Sleepwalker music video and is going to call her manager ASAP

They way I thought about this theme during my listening today AND thought about how the label need to put major $$$ on a zombie Sleepwalker video...great minds!!!!!
Miscellaneous thoughts :

-Sleepwalker is her best song so far, but it took a couple of listens to forget how much the chorus sounds like Relax, take it easy.

-Diamonds & Dancefloors is gloriously cheesy.

-I always expect a Kim Petras's woo-ah to come up during the instrumental breakdown of Hold Up