Ava Max - Diamonds & Dancefloors

I... got the black ice vinyl.

I really think with her third album she'll get it fully right. This is a bopfest but lyrically could be more imaginative in certain areas. Nothing's truly re-inventing the wheel but I'd be lying if it didn't have me in a chokehold!

The album is incredibly strong and a huge step-up from the last, but I think it just needed a stronger visual concept to tie everything together (a long with better singles). I think with a second album, usually you expect a visual upgrade and maybe even a few more creative risks, but everything has been pretty safe and kinda boring aesthetically.

That’s not to take away from good the album is, but I agree there is tons of room for improvement for next time around.
I enjoyed this over the weekend but it hit differently at lunchtime on a Monday of back to back Microsoft Teams drudgery. The escapism that only the best pop music can provide.

It initially annoyed me that the songs were mostly less than 3 minutes but it also meant I got through the whole thing during said lunch break so maybe she was right.
The album is really strong. However, I disagree with (what seems to be) the overwhelming consensus that Million Dollar Baby was a bad single choice. Even in context with the rest of the songs I still think it stands out.

Maybe You're the Problem
Million Dollar Baby

would have been what I would have picked as proper singles. If she were lucky enough (or if it were 2011) then for 5th and 6th singles I'd probably go with One of Us and Dancing's Done. Of the pre-release songs only Weapons was a misstep to me (and even it bops pretty hard).
Sleepwalker is not single material, it treads too much old ground for her. Good album track though.

I'd just have swapped Weapons for Get Outta My Heart and there's your bulletproof singles run. I've come around to Million Dollar Baby totally, she sells it hard.
My dream single order would end with Dancing is Done for dramatic reasons that would see Ava crying glitters on her own at a crowded dancefloor. Groundbreaking.

It's such a triumph. The garage production of that first verse going into that huge eurodance chorus before going fully bonkers? Those adlibs on the final chorus?

The "I know what you did last summer" hook is too good. There needs to be a video for it where Ava channels Helen in her iconic chase sequence but she would survive and kill the attacker.

Hire me Amanda.