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Ava Max - Everytime I Cry

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. RMK



    This last bit is.. Interesting. Does anyone have Ava’s linkedin?
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  2. Faceless bop incoming. I am ready. When will it be out?
  3. RMK


    Maybe around 12 EST?
  4. Its... a bop!
  5. This is so good. Ava said you really can't cancel Pride.
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  6. Whoever convinced her to go the eurodance route was doing the lord's work.
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  7. RMK


    I haven't listened but the stylization of EveryTime is getting to me. Everytime or Every Time, not both.
  8. This is doing absolutely nothing for me on first listen.
  9. This is like the air inside of a bag of chips.
  10. Poppers o'clock!
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  11. This is faceless as hell but it bops and is basically the template Bebe's album should have followed after Sacrifice.

    The SyLlaBic CapitaliZation is GoIng to BothEr me though nn
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  12. This full on euro pop direction is where Zara should’ve taken Poster Girl. Totally faceless yeah, but fun all the same.
  13. It really needed one last repeat of the breakdown at the very end, and seemed like it was building towards it. Weird that they only used it once in the whole song.
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  14. This slaps hard, it’s going to be massive in Europe.
  15. RMK


    Ava Max jumping from Electra Heart to Cascada is a kii, and my gay ears are loving it (dd)
  16. RMK


    Labels need to start normalizing extended versions again. Montero’s continues to garner streams, and fans will eat it up.
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  17. The capitalisation of the T is like she’s a grindr gay looking for a questionable hook-up at 4am I can’t deal.

    But once again, a bop! I’m turning into a stan.
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  18. It's a bit dull for me unfortunately.
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