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Ava Max - Heaven & Hell (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. I actually love this in all of its messy glory and think it could've been something of a hit for her had it been pushed. It was an early TikTok hit prior to Sweet But Psycho even doing anything.

    My Way deserved a re-push post Sweet But Psycho too, especially given the 'be a little sweeter, they say' line.

    These two + the 6 tracks that actually made the album are almost entirely feminist/self-empowerment themed (if we take her questionable re-spin of Psycho at face value, that is) - and yet any attempt to market her as such has been so half-hearted. I think there really was a space for this kind of pop music with a very feminist-lite slant.
  2. WAIT at this being the origin video of the Max Cut! Electra Heart whew?
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  3. I actually completely forgot about that, which again speaks volumes about how half-hearted the attempt at marketing her has been. And even here, it's quite random. A little storyline where the boyfriend tells her how to look (or even some fake PR story that Ava had a boyfriend who did the same thing) that would justify the hair cut would go a long way.
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  4. That would require someone to care enough to ask her why she has her hair like that though.
    Maybe 12 years ago.
    But in 2020 with all the crazy stuff pop artists dress up in / look like, I don't think anyone cares enough her hair is funky.
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  5. Oh definitely, the whole thing is very outdated - but some form of justification would still be nice.
  6. “Freaking Me Out” not getting on the album... get my rocking chair I’m leaving.
  7. I really like "Not Your Barbie Girl."
  8. Some quick album covers that I did in 20mins. Nothing amazing but they will do.

    I mean why did they rid of Ava Max hair logo for the album but use it on everything else?


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  9. I can see myself being this semi ironically in a few years when it's in an HMV vinyl sale and then actually quite liking it.
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  10. "which I'm not a psycho"
  11. I met a guy in the club
    I let him know I’m in love...
  12. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Little Maxxinistas celebrate! Kings & Queens is up to number 7 on the Bubbling Under Hot 100!

    Her second top ten single!
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  13. Wait...one of the only good songs from this whole thing is not on the album? This web has been wove, INDEED.
  14. To be honest with you Diane, I am not really feeling this.
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  15. I think i am going to bop this record begrudgingly. Who Is Laughing Now is tacky but it works? Her power!
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  16. Just realized on the album cover, blond Ava is in ‘heaven’ and ginger Ava is in ‘hell?’ The gingerphobia jumped out!!
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  17. The discrimination of it all!

  18. It's been 0 days since Ava Max copied another gay icon.
  19. That album cover is absolutely diabolical
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