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Ava Max - Heaven & Hell (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. Listening to Basic & Basic right now.
  2. I'm actually really enjoying this album so far! It's definitely nothing groundbreaking, but enjoyable otherwise. The only negative thing I will say, the track Torn sounds to me like the Bo Selecta parody of Madonna's Hung Up....
  3. I don't dislike Ava, but this album just feels... late. I guess that there's a market for basic bops, but this album really should've come out closer to "Sweet But Psycho," back when both Gaga and Katy were inactive and the gap in the market was larger.
  4. Naked is so lovely. Eden and Bonnie did that!
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  5. I know I trash talk her all the time, but I did listen to the album and I liked a handful of tracks.

    So Am I is the worst song, no contest. Its presence blocking Freaking Me Out and/or Blood, Sweat & Tears from being included is a crime.

    It could've easily been a 10 track record
  6. Was there a reason "Freakin' Me Out" was left off? It's easily the catchiest thing she's done.
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  7. Her best music video? Maybe could use some more variation and less fade-outs but it's pretty good. Haven't listened to the full record but the Heaven side was ok too. Born For the Night, Nakes & Tattoo are good. Call Me Tonight... not so much.
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  8. “Born to the Night” is gonna creep up on my Q4 Spotify plays real hard.... she does sound beautiful on the melody of the Major Tom sample...
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  9. Maybe the song being great is distracting me but the Naked video is pretty good? The editing & wig both remain questionable but there was an attempt. Progress!
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  10. She kind of looks like Shakira in the closer up shots of her face in this music video?
    Song's pretty good though.
    Video is good although someone will have to explain why the Fifth Element inspired look is a thing.
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  11. It's a nice album and such an easy listen. It's the perfect gym/workout album. She's not reinventing the wheel but she delivered on what she promised.

    With that said, I know she's dating Cirkut but I wish there was more variety in the production. He did try to switch it up but the album has moments where it sounds very familiar. I can also hear very obvious Warrior/Femme Fatale recycling on some tracks.
  12. Naked is a bop and I could totally hear Bonnie all over it. Ugh please release music again someday queen!
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  13. Ddd they forgot to rename all the tracks on YouTube Music, it just says "Track 1", "Track 3".
  14. Born to the Night is really good.
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  15. Honestly there are a lot of solid bops on this album. The pop melodies i'm hearing on this feel both creative and nostalgic.
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  16. What this album campaign is really missing is the Get Me Bodied (Extended Mix) of Kings & Queens where she explains the other rules of chess in excruciating detail.
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  17. I think Sweet But Psycho might be the worst thing on here? It’s the only one I feel like skipping, but that also might be because it’s been out so long. The orphaned singles would’ve worked on here.
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  18. I'm listening to this album. Kings & Queens remains a bop
  19. Belladonna made me shriek dddd
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