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Ava Max - Heaven & Hell (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. Ava deserves this win. Respect to anyone that works to get their big break for as long as she did. She’s living her dream.
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  2. If they did this the album would be out in 2034. Slowburning hits can exist together.
  3. I kinda think that throwing out 84 singles worked for her in the end? When Torn bombed I really thought it was the end for her but then the label just decided to put out more songs and in way make people aware of who she is. Then they just left the complete flops out of the album and hoped for the best. It was kind of refreshing to see a label not abandon a campaign completely after a single stalled. Yes I'm aware it took two years but most of my faves ended up with shelved albums so.
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  4. Torn didn't even bomb in the long run. It will hit 100m streams this week. It's her slowest-burn hit and a top 30 Swiss smash!
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  5. RMK


    Someone brought up Natalia? Ugh. She deserved this sort of success.
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  6. Oh wow. And the late 90s/early 00s choreo fantasy she's living here

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  7. I've woken up with Belladonna in my head for the last three days. I'm just gonna go ahead and say I unironically love it now and it's probably my favorite ever song of hers oops
  8. Eurovision performance.
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  9. Is there anything about her that isn't polished to oblivion ddd
  10. "Naked" actually works perfectly in an acoustic setting. Her vocals had me questioning if it was lip-synced too dd
  11. Now Andrew.
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  12. I never said I was a role model
  13. There is no need for irony when it comes to loving Ms Koci's bops. You will love them. You will dance to them. You will find yourself earwormed by at least one, and possibly thinking what songs it sounds a bit like or could neatly make a mashup with. You will get your life to Ava.
  14. They've pushed so much of the album out as singles prior to it being released, but I do believe Naked and Tattoo are probably the only remaining viable single choices.

    I also like Torn and Salt so maybe they can hope for another Truth Hurts/Good as Hell situation
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  15. Is she... actually playing the piano?

    These look actually good! Still need to listen to the "Hell" part, but Belladonna was alright too.
  16. Belladonna and Rumours were the perfect closers. So Am I is out of place within the album, and Salt and Sweet But Psycho feel weird at the very end of the track listing.
  17. From what I've gathered, "Blood, Sweat & Tears" would be way more fitting than "So Am I" for the Hell part, isn't it?

    It should have been the follow-up from Sweet But Psycho too dd. It wasn't THAT great on release (or leak) but So Am I is also just bad so....
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  18. I... don't believe she's playing the piano or singing live on the latter, but we stan a perfect pop song.
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  19. Yeah something about the lipsync doesn't match up at all dddd. It's a great vocal though! If it is lipped it's nice that she took the time to prerecord a new track.
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