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Ava Max - Heaven & Hell (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. This rules wow.
  2. Alice Chater must be FUMING right now
  3. Oh this slaps. Okay Ms Koci!
  4. Positivity in the Ava Max thread?!

    My Head & My Heart is really good, she might have a 3rd hit on her hands in the new year.
  5. I’m bopping to the new track
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  6. The production totally knocks and it has a really good energy/nice bassline but the chorus is a bit lacking (for now)? Let's give it a few plays. I'll definitely be utterly addicted soon ddd.
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  7. This is the sort of basic, faceless fun I hope for from the Max Cut. Tossing on the workout playlist immediately.
  8. Not this sample... I'm bopping by default.
  9. The way she can't stop serving bops. I'm an Avatar your honor!
  10. This is really good. Screaming out for a UK push.
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  11. This has Inna/Alexandra Stan Romanian dance pop levels of boppery. It's good!
  12. Give me anything with that sample and I'm done for. My brain loves it.
  13. Ooh love the new track and using that sample was a good choice.
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  14. Fuck, this is so good.
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  15. She should have left that ATC sample well alone, but at least I am reminded what an amazing tune Around The World is.
  16. Sounds a bit like Zara Larsson on the adlibs in the final Chorus
  17. It slaps, but the sample does all the heavy lifting here. Like a 2020 remix of ATC I didn't know that I needed but now I feel so nourished.
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  18. Okay this slaps
  19. Does... she do the Countdown intro vocal run at 2:12?
  20. Between this & "Naked", I'm truly stanning. I knew she had some sort of promise.
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