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Ava Max - Heaven & Hell (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. RMK


    It definitely must not be hard to clear anymore. No disrespect toward Ava, but I doubt ABBA heard her bops exclusively and thought they were just so good they couldn't refuse.
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  2. It sounds like Gimme Gimme Gimme. We heard about the 'sample' from someone who had heard the song early, but ABBA aren't credited.

    This is a direct sample, she uses some of the lyrics.
  3. Watch her add some whistle notes in there too, a la Mariah’s ‘Emotions’.
  4. Who would dare say no to Ava Max?!
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  6. The leader of the Dutch far right political party did and look what happened to him!
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  7. Maybe Benny & Björn are Little AVAtars. Frida and Agneta coming back with the Max cut etc.
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  8. Makes no sense, she already ABBA on Torn, now she's sampling them again on a different song. Can't she use a different gimmick?
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  9. Aren't you just full of the absolute worst takes
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  10. *Stares in STEPS*
  11. I'm ready for more Ava. Christmas Without You got a lot of plays from me and really felt like it carried a lot of extra sentiment with everything going on this year.

    She might be basic, she might be completely uninspired, she might have a terrible haircut, but I have time for her as she's bringing pop bangers. Her scamming herself another ABBA sample only makes me more excited.
  12. I’m excited for a new song and I’ll take the ABBA sample. I still need to order the vinyl. I’m still surprised how much I ended up liking her album but she has pretty persistent as well.
  13. Does Torn actually sample Gimme, Gimme, Gimme though? I know it sounds really like it but is it possible it's just really similar?
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  14. I think maybe it would fall on the interpolation side of things. I’m not for sure but to me it doesn’t sound like a exact sample but very close to it.
  15. I'm confused by the whole "Torn" situation as well. Whether it's a sample or an interpolation, shouldn't Benny and Björn appear in its credits?
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  16. It's probably the same thing that happened with Prisoner (which sounds like an Olivia Newton-John interpolation but isn't), they consult with legals and change it enough that there's no credit needed.
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  17. My Head & My Heart has just been A-listed on Radio 2
  18. Rob


    I feel like a Lil Maxipad made up the Torn sample story to get Ava a few extra streams.
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  19. Lay All Your Love is like one the best Abba songs so I am excited.
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