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Ava Max - Heaven & Hell

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 5, 2018.

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  1. Newly signed with Atlantic and working with Cirkut on her debut album.
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  2. Salt and Sweet but Psycho are gorgeous.
  3. Spinning Around is my favorite, she's got bops!
  4. I have to hear some of her songs because Sweet but Psycho is a bop.
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  5. This is another bop.

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  6. She looks SO much like Gaga in the Psycho video. Also it's catchy. Hmmmm...
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  7. looks and sounds really good!!

    i think it’s also further proof that Cirkut is the actual creative force in the Dr. Luke partnership.
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  8. Sweet But Psycho is such a great track, it gives me strong Porcelain Black vibes
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  9. Absolutely obsessed with this. The early Gaga teas are strong.
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  10. Her song with David Guetta is a huge bop.

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  11. Sweden: #11 (+3)

    Finland: #97 (+77)

    Norway: #100 (+40)

    Denmark: #119 (+60)

    She’s coming for Europe.
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  12. Sweet But Psycho is fantastic. Interest piqued.
  13. Sweet but Psycho was added to Today’s Top Hits (Spotify’s most followed playlist):

  14. She's going to be huge soon. Sweet But Psycho is such a bop.
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  15. Here comes the smasha...
  16. Kinda getting The Fame tease.
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  17. More like Perfectionist.
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  18. nn just listened to the rest of her songs and you're right.
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  19. I think the white gays' desperation for everything to be like 2009 again will add some misguided hype to this girl's name, but mainly I find it sort of fascinating that a major label would even put money behind an artist like this in 2018. Sweet but Psycho could literally be a shelved Natalia Kills single. I guess Bebe is sort of in the same vein at the moment, but her stylistic choices remain on-trend (for better or worse) unlike this.

    I also find it incredibly annoying that Atlantic is trying the same no-label name bullshit in the metadata of her songs that they did Bazzi to add some weird faux indie-cred on her name or something, but I digress.

  20. Kiesza found self-releasing.
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