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Ava Max - Heaven & Hell

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 5, 2018.

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  1. I hope they won't let her bomb like Meghan Trainor and Harry Styles, HAIM, Gwen and Charli
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  2. Only just heard this. This has got to smash!
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  3. That chorus is so great. I wish they would have made the video more tongue-in-cheek. I think they tried, but this is the sort of broad, silly pop song that would actually benefit from a Katy Perry-esque joke video.
  4. Trying to understand the purpose of this "act", as some others pointed out already it's basically a flat outtake from The Fame or Perfectionist, and I am a fan of both of those albums but it feels a bit off to release an early Gaga (without the personality and actual bop to go with it) wannabe 10 years later. I could understand if this was some homemade ode to Gaga thing (it sounds like it), but a major label push? The void of personality is striking to say the least, it's so painfully constructed and blatant that it comes across as a parody almost. It seems some people like it though so I guess good for them, it is also a commercial hit in its test market (Sweden) (where ironically Gaga herself was also first launched), however I don't see this going anywhere on a global scale.
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  5. I get the skepticism, but honestly, I just like her voice and Sweet but Psycho is absurdly catchy. As I said in another thread, I don’t see her being anything more than 2018’s Porcelain Black, but I’m gonna enjoy the bops while they come.
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  6. To me it's just like, why not give this girl a fucking shot? She clearly has a good voice which is only briefly showcased here. She sells the song. There's clearly stronger to come. And if we wrote every popstar off on the basis of their first/breakthrough single... it's not like anybody saw/heard Gaga on Just Dance and thought "yes, she's going to be a future superstar/powerhouse vocalist/true artiste/Superbowl performer/Oscar award winning actress!".
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  7. Yeah I don’t get why people have to be so extra about her. Just let her live.
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  8. We're not the audience she's aiming at. Kids that are 9-12 see Gaga as someone their moms like. They will think Ava is fresh though. Maybe. But yeah doubt their target audience is Gaga fans.
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  9. Sweet But Psycho just hit #1 in Sweden! I have a feeling she'll be huge eventually. As it was a said earlier in this thread, she could either go "The Fame" route or "The Perfectionist" route, but something tells me we'll see great things from her.
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  10. PS "Not Your Barbie Girl" is a great update/re-write of the Aqua song, and her song with David Guetta is excellent, especially her vocal ad-libs in the end. I'm perched for whatever comes next from her!

    And the cover art for Sweet But Psycho is nothing short of iconic; posing with a knife on a stretcher in a pink padded cell with the title written in lipstick on a giant mirror. Perfect.
  11. Hey Ava xx
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  12. Well well well.

    Let me bop to 'Sweet but Psycho' in all its Moldovan Eurovision entrant glory.
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  13. Rob


    I've just discovered Salt and my buss is quivering. Why is this not on Spotify?!
  14. Apparently she’s from Kosovo, just like Dua, Rita and Bebe. The Kosovar government should start making ‘How to be popstar 101’ bootcamp for people from the rest of the world.
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  15. She was born and raised in Wisconsin?

    And Bebe Rexha was born in Brooklyn.
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  16. Kosovian DNA tho.
    We stan that gay pop bop DNA.
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  17. Ava's dad is Kosovar. And both Bebe's parents are from Kosovo.

    Truly the gay pop DNA
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  18. Greece is right next to Kosovo. Why did we get 0 pop gay bop girls.
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  19. Don’t do Marina like that
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