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Ava Max - Heaven & Hell

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 5, 2018.

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  1. This is so basic but SO good.
  2. "The Motto" isn't out in New Zealand Apple Music today, so maybe a few more weeks.
  3. It's out Nov. 5
  4. I've had the set rip from YouTube on. a. loop.
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  5. I literally can't wait. What a fucking banger.
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  6. RMK


    Not her adding bangs to the look.
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  7. Her adding bangs to her duel-length wig is her version of a Madonna-style reinvention
  8. Adding bangs for a banger, truly the mind of a mastermind.
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  9. There's a 2:19 version floating around that cuts off the end, but it sounds pretty great!
  10. This is so much better than Everytime I Cry.

  11. Not me waiting for this to premiere with 60 other people.
    I'm such a clown...
  12. Her best video, easily.

  13. A whole ass bop.
  14. This bangs, actually. Although why do I feel like this was originally meant to be a Mabel collab
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  15. It sounds so much like Big from Rita's last EP but it absolutely slaps.
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  16. RMK


    It's giving such strong Mabel vibes. Part of me wishes they swapped Tiƫsto tracks.
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  17. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Queen of bringing back decade old sounding songs! This sounds exactly like something I would have pregamed to in 2011 dd.
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