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Ava Max - Heaven & Hell

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 5, 2018.

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  1. This sounds so cheap and dated but in the best way possible. It slaps.
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  2. It goes off.
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  3. That Coinbase sponsorship is so funny lgjdfklg. Yes let me just get on the elevator and buy some Bitcoin.
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  4. An eventual early 10s revival is bound to happen sometime within the next few years, so the good sis is actually just too ahead of her time.
  5. "Naked" is still an underrated masterpiece.
  6. Dated or not a bops a bop.
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  7. She has actual charisma in this. Wow. She also looks exactly like Famega.
  8. Oh, the Little Maxipads truly won with this one!
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  9. Us Maxipads sure did get our wings today. It's everything I wanted and more
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  10. I was really hoping she'd ditch the half-cut hair thing but the bangs... make it work...

    The song is also a certified bop, who gave her the right?
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  11. It's kind of a bop but yes, very 2011.

    Speaking of bangs, the way she looks even more like Fame-era Gaga with the bangs dd.
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  12. That chorus is worth a million bitcoin.
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  13. I love this ddd.
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  14. the motto is already one of my fave tunes of the year, she needs to tour the UK asap
  15. She keeps providing those bops and I am here for that. It is one of her best features that she has done.
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  16. What a banger. If she follows up with emotions I’m SOLD.
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  17. Ava suddenly getting bangs and delivering her biggest bop in a while...

  18. Obsessed with this. Queen of pop!
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  19. This is good, very good. I love it.
  20. Rob


    This is excellent. Lil Maxipads are eating well between this and Emotions.
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