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Ava Max - Heaven & Hell

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 5, 2018.

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  1. I love her black lipstick in that video. It fits her better with her hair being what it is.
    But yeah, cute song. I agree it is very 2011.
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  2. I...might be starting to stan unironically.
  3. Bish I'm living for this.
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  4. What a great new release day. I’m loving this.
  5. You guys, I’m obsessed with this bop. She did that. We need a full album produced by Tiesto.
  6. This:

    Transitioning into this:

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  7. Tiësto generally hasn't been consistently great for me since he pivoted away from trance in the early 2010s but I guess he could do worse than becoming a Jax Jones/Imanbek hybrid. A whole album of this would please my gay lizard brain immensely
  8. Who gives her the right to serve like this?
  9. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The Motto kinda bangs, and it helps that it really sounds nothing like an Ava Max song dd.
  10. The Motto slaps in exactly the same way the rest of her catalogue does. It’s completely robotic and faceless, but is well-produced, with just enough 2010 to be nostalgic but sufficient 2021 to sound current.
  11. She even looks great in the music video, she doesn't look stiff or trying too hard.
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  12. Not bad, but the coinsbase promo is giving me Ke$ha "We R who we R" vibes (which had obvious plugs for Plenty of Fish and tequila), or possibly Katy Perry shilling phones or Avril's "Rock and Roll" motorola promo.

    Who gives Ava the right to slap this hard? Nobody, she goes out and demands it.
  13. My fiancé thought it was Charli.
  14. A bunch of songs just leaked.
  15. RJF


    The sequencing of these posts. NURSE.
  16. The Motto sounds like something you’d hear between scenes on Selling Sunset. Some will find that to be a good thing, some will… not
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  17. None of the tracks that leaked are very good. I'm surprised people were after Dolla Baby for so long when it sounds like... that.
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  18. ff Dolla Baby is so bad.
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  19. My Love's Enough would be pretty good if it was finished. Dolla Baby is horrific though.
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  20. It really does stand out from the rest of her discography (which I do mostly like). I'd love more songs like this. The black lipstick is a total serve, too.
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