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Ava Max - Heaven & Hell

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. The version I downloaded turned out to be Christina Aguilera's Your Body and I am not complaining! Bop.
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  2. A song with Bonnie McKee called "Never Forget You" also leaked.
  3. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I have to scream that this is the only way Bonnie gets out music anymore.

    Its also terrible.

    EDIT: Its also clearly a working demo.
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  4. Ms.Max having political implications just feels right.
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  5. I honestly don’t even stan her ironically anymore. A little Maxipad for life!
  6. I'm still hung up on the haircut. Once it's gone I'm stanning.
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  7. Remember to stream Torn on your preferred streaming platform!
  8. Slap me hard Queen with your dated, yet strangely bang on trend bops.

    She came hard and has stolen my soul with her hypnotic beats and black lipstick.

    Love that the video is a mild, cuddly play on The Overlook hotel in The Shining.
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  9. I do admire that she just does her own thing and sings the kind of pop she wants, even if it's not considered trendy or popular currently.
  10. RMK


    Does she really, though?
  11. I think she sings the kind of pop her label releases.
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  12. My proudest achievement in life is alerting my friend to this news and translating the tweets so he could write this article. The international implications.
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  13. Some of the Netherlands Maxipads need to get Christmas Without You to number 1 to spite the right winters.
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  14. I'm not sure if it's the type of music she wants to make or it's the label's decision, probably a mix of both, but either way, it is pretty cool how Ava came straight out the gate with a signature sound and image, and found success with it, especially when the MO of a lot of her peers, like Zara Larsson, Anne-Marie or Mabel, is to just throw everything at the wall to see what sticks. Whether you're into her whole thing or not, it definitely makes her stand out.
  15. This good one should be another HIT for her... Hopefully it survives the holiday freeze.
  16. I cannot stop listening to The Motto. A stone cold bop.
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  17. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    The Bubbling Under Chanteuse is #25 this week. A hit!
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  18. Guest judging Drag Race season 14... a My Head & My Heart lip sync would destroy me.
    But those old ass producers will give us Kings & Queens I'm sure.
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