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Ava Max - Heaven & Hell

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 5, 2018.

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  1. I need artists to be banned from saying anything about any project being their most personal yet.
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  2. Glad I wasn't the only one!
  3. But how else would we know her Ava Amanda Max is coming?
  4. The Motto came on in TK Maxx when I was looking for a puffa and you know what, gals? I bopped.
    I did think it was a Raye song though
  5. It's basically Jax Jones feat. RAYE cosplay to the point that I'm still shocked Ms. Keen had nothing to do with it.
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  6. Such an odd thing for her to release but whatever.
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  7. This is a direct attack to steal Selena's whisper queen gig.
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  8. Deezer giving Spotify Podcasts a run for their money with these originals.
  9. Mind of a mastermind. She is always one step ahead.
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  10. This is so stupid. Yet so entertaining.
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  11. Hmmm.
  12. After listening to the last chorus of Belladonna.
    Ava should really look into the 80's style stuff too. She'd nail it.
  13. Ava occupies such a strange place in the market right now. It doesn't feel like she's particularly big in any one country or region but she's amassed streaming numbers that many pop girls would kill for. Even when the songs themselves don't feel like they made a big splash she pulls good numbers (how did Salt and Who's Laughing Now accumulate such high streaming numbers, seriously).

    I have no idea where she goes from here. It feels like she's kind of in the background casually racking up great numbers while not really having any major impact or establishing a strong fanbase. That's not usually a great recipe for longevity.
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  14. She’s the guest panellist on next week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race!

  15. You get big streaming numbers when your labels pays Spotify to have you as track #1 in all playists like they did with Salt. That's how you get good streams. Doesn't show your popularity, just your label's willingness to spend $$$ on you.
  16. Ah yes, the old nobody likes her, it's all paid-for. Zzzzzz. Seriously.
  17. My gym has a new pop radio on and they play a different Ava song every 7 tracks. Her impact.
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  18. Honestly all that’s stopping me from laminating my stan card is that god awful haircut that she’s decided is iconic.
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