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Ava Max - Heaven & Hell

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 5, 2018.

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  1. I can’t stop playing Sweet but Psycho. I love this kind of Natalia Kills leftover trash.
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  2. upload_2018-10-9_12-12-43.png

    Apparently this is what she really looks like.. without the lopsided blonde wig, and before she was reborn as Ava Max. The Natalia Kills similarities keep coming...
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  3. It went Gold in Sweden.

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  4. Sis needs to learn how to completely go off the grid pre-reinvention.
    The lens flares are actually very

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  5. Sweet But Psycho passed 20 million streams on Spotify. Is she charting anywhere except Sweden and Norway yet? It seems like a lot if it's really just Scandinavia where it's doing well.

  6. Why do you hate Tiziano?
    She's doing great globally.
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  7. I had no idea you could do that teebs.

    Seems like it's happening in Oz which is usually a good sign.
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  8. Sweet But Psycho is amazing but I'm actually shocked that it looks like it might end up becoming a smash.
  9. New into Spotify's Global Top 50 today at 46. Now has 28m streams and counting. Here comes the smasha!
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  10. She's releasing a new single soon.

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  11. I started seeing a paid post from Warner Music Spain telling me to discover Ava Max on Instagram. I had no interest at all since I was just seeing a video of a Lady Gaga wannabe (with no audio) until I decided to listen the music of the Instagram post.

    Her single is so catchy and cool! I love it. It's a bop! And I was sure Popjustice people would appreciate her music too, so I came here. End of story.
  12. Oop at the video getting taken down out of nowhere after being posted here despite being up for months during her entire time signed to Atlantic.

    Hey Ava.

  13. I'm definitely getting "Natalia Kills leftovers", but this is a pretty cute bob. I use. xoxo
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  14. Which video was posted?

    Take Away The Pain?

    Give me Ava pre-Max.
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  15. Kosovo is really the new Sweden in pop music, delivering popstar after popstar. I really appreciate Sweet But Psycho in all its 2007 unashamed basic bop glory, and I'm glad it's kind of blowing up. Good for her!
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  16. But with hits and reach beyond 35 year old British gays in Barbour into avocados and Waitrose wine.
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  17. This is her audience...
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  18. I thought only Greece had shit TV like this.
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  19. She's dangerously approaching Eurovision territory with this.
  20. Well, it's not really Kosovo / Albania per se, it's more that for some reason girls from the Kosovan / Albanian diaspora are popping up everywhere in Pop (Dua Lipa, Rita Ora, Bebe Rexha, Ava Max), out of these girls only Rita is actually born in Kosovo, but her family moved to the UK when she was like 1-2 only so... I mean they are all products of US / UK music business, not Kosovan or Albanian... Era Istrefi is the only Kosovan Albanian singer that actually comes from that music market and business to achieve some international success thus far. With that said, they have some pretty good ones over there and not sure why all out of sudden their diaspora is doing so good in Pop.
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