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Ava Max - Heaven & Hell

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 5, 2018.

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  1. They’re obviously all very talented, but I feel their physical appearance also plays a huge role. With the global reach of streaming, they all look ‘racially ambiguous’ enough to fit in most markets. They look edgier than typical pop girl in Western countries and blend in with let’s say girls in Latin America. They just look cool.
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  2. 100% this plus their voices are radio gold.
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  3. I wouldn't really call Bebe's wailing radio freindly but I agree with the others.
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  4. Everything about this video feels like my brain when I'm having a meltdown.
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  5. Why do you say that.
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  6. What.
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  7. Wasn't there an industry article about Rita, by hear team or label, around the time she launched saying more or less exactly that? That she was marketable around the world because people couldn't really tell. It was very 'hmmmmm'.
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  8. She apparently has a song called Naked co-written with Jessie Malakouti and Bonnie McKee. The underperforming energy emitting from such a collaboration.. whew.
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  9. This HAS to be a joke. That amount of reject pop star floppage is enough to send us orbiting towards the sun. Someone call Ester Dean, Eva Simons, & Colette Carr.
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  10. [​IMG]
    Dddd co-written with the people behind Back To You too.
  11. Whew throw in Livvi Franc and Myah Marie and we’ll have ourselves a supergroup. Earth Wind & Floppage
  12. Bonnie McKee?! Yeah this will be a huge bop!
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  13. Sweet but Psycho is one of my favorite songs of the year purely because of how catchy it is. It's so addictive.
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  14. ‘Sweet but Psycho’ is awful, but honestly I’m intrigued at the thought of more unabashedly pop pop stars debuting and doing well.
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  15. Amy Allen wrote “Back To You.” Everyone else involved produced or came up with some background element or had a vanity credit. The same goes for the new Halsey single.
  16. I love “was in the room” credits.
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  17. N(n)(n) more like “heard the solo acoustic demos.”
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    Literally how did Selena get a writing credit when the demo is the same song but not as beefed up. There's no lyrical difference!

    ooh vanity credit. wow
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    Poor Neon Hitch and Natalie La Rose.
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  20. But she just has 3 songs out, right?
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