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Ava Max - Million Dollar Baby + Diamonds & Dancefloors (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Feb 7, 2022.

  1. This is pretty special. Well done, Ms. Max.
  2. A smash.

    Honestly, my life has been so much better since embracing Ava being the future of pop music and not trying to fight against it.
  3. Love the song and the video is so fun. Keep bopping away.
  4. The video... I need Joseph Kahn to disappear from the face of the Earth immediately.

    The song is great, though I do think The Boppo stays undefeated.
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  5. Little maxinistas won!!!!

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  6. Girls

    The Albanian pop machine won

    I’m officially coming out as a little Maxinista

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  7. RMK


    I thought the video was a lot of fun? It just felt like a lot of set ups without much necessity. It kept my attention the entire time, warranted repeated plays, and is way better than some of last eras offerings.
  8. It's a song packed with charisma, and I want to send a thank you note to whoever gave the "ok" to let it go past the 3:00 mark.
  9. Loved the woman on woman kiss. A career based on homaging the 2010s couldn’t be complete without a little bisexuality.
  10. Honestly, no joke I believe this... Like I stan her and that's probably my fave song of hers and yet no one will really ever get to hear it... ABBA should have crossed promoted with their flop comeback to get some success tbh

    OMFG hell yes! These artists who cannot even clock in at 3:00 anymore is right up there with songs that FADE OUT and don't actually end...

    Literal, RAGE...
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  11. This smash.

    Stan card is officially laminated.
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  12. I do not like this, it's way too fast. It'll hook me though.
  13. A bop?
  14. Too fast? For PopJustice? I thought I'd never see the day that was a negative.
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  15. I love the song and the video. I think I can officially call my self a little Maxi Pad!

  16. Yes I think ABBA really needed Ava Max to give their new album (one of the highest-selling of 2021) and immersive live show some extra promotion...

    I truly have to laugh.
  17. It’s giving 2010s Kelly Clarkson lead single. It is indeed a bop, I fear.
  18. Not feeling the song that much... I also found the video quite boring?
    But I guess I'll bop
  19. I think that was the joke.
  20. Been listening to this all morning... a smash, I fear.
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