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Ava Max - Million Dollar Baby + Diamonds & Dancefloors (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Feb 7, 2022.

  1. Song's a bop, while the video is a disaster kii. The best thing about the whole thing is that she ditched the Max Cut. Maybe we won?
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  2. Gotta give credit where credit is due and the song is a bop, so naturally it won't land with the gee pee.
  3. The song is a triumph. Video has its moments, but ultimately not following the story. Wig game remains horrid, but bad hair is her thing. The guy is seriously hot. Who is he?
  4. Do we ever lose with Ava?
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  5. It's a bop, it gives me Invisible-Men-reaching-into-their-Gabriel-Cilmi-circa-On-A-Mission-castoffs-pile and selling something to Cirkut.

  6. Not her invoking the phrase almost every pop girl uses to describe their upcoming album -- 'heartbreak on the dancefloor'
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  7. TMI


    I really like the song. I’m considering purchasing her first album on vinyle and looking forward to her next one.
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  8. The skiing in the music video is very Steps and I'm here for it.
  9. The song is an absolute bop and it's great to see her continue to be in her stride. She's shaping up into a really consistent popstar. Give us the throwback bops Queen.
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  10. Bopping. That’s what I’ve been doing last 24 hours.

  11. I hope this smashes. It's cast from the Blinding Lights mould but that didn't have a cute lil acoustic section and chorus lyrics giving Playing God by Paramore of all things. It still feels very Ava.
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  12. The skiing scenes are camp and I love.
  13. Lowkey she herself was never annoying nor the music too bad; the Euro-gays who projected their resentments of popular culture onto her just made her as a 'thing' unbearable. But we can ignore the annoying gays for a bop like this.

  14. upload_2022-4-30_5-53-6.gif

    Je téléphone à la police
  15. Out of the girls that have tried to pull this, I believe miss Maxine. She has delivered constantly and proved she does is her homework.
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  16. Just saw the video too.

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  18. This is good but still the weakest of all her singles so far for me.
    It's too fast? I get that this gets the pure pop eurogays wet but yeah it's too manic for now.

    Maybe I'm an antimaxer.
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  19. This actually perfectly summarizes how I feel about it.
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