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Ava Max - Million Dollar Baby + Diamonds & Dancefloors (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Feb 7, 2022.

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    Sweet But Psycho is still amazing let’s be honest.
  2. I’m addicted. Welp.
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  3. Yes! Gosh it leaps out at you when you hear something from around 2009 with a big proper pop chorus. Have never dipped into Ava much before but I’m really enjoying this.
  4. Pure Pop!
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  5. It's cute! The Weeknd's print is there, but you know, it really is cute!

    Joseph Kahn is a menace.
  6. This is so fun to scream shriek screech sing along to. She served!
  7. I keep reading The Weeknd/Blinding Lights but for me it's equal parts that and Dua Lipa/Physical (with a dash of Never Really Over's too-many-syllables-per-beats energy). "Unafraid to reference or not reference", etc.
  8. Dua? Abael? I just hear Do You Wanna Come Over and those other honkytonky Glory moments dd
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  9. Where though ma'am. If we're talking honkytonky songs on Glory it's clearly What You Need and that sounds nothing like this, dd
  10. This is too much energy for an Ava Max song my love
  11. - me listening to Maybe You're The Problem
  12. The verses are abominable, but the tongue twister chorus is fun, and the production sounds like it could be on the Smash Bros Ultimate soundtrack (Kings and Queens, impact) which isn't ever a bad thing
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  13. I can't not hear Physical on the verses' instrumental. The second the beat comes on my brain goes "Common love isn't for us..."
  14. The video isn’t great as a whole, but I think she comes across really well in it honestly. She looks incredible and honestly does a lot of the heavy lifting of selling it. The increased wig budget doesn’t hurt either nn.
  15. I get Physical more than any of the other references.
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  16. I love it, but when it comes to comparisons, I only hear "As It Was". To me it's identical.
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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. I think this is actually a better song than the Take On Meh production serves it…
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  19. I’m somewhat surprised to see the almost unanimous love for this, it’s not doing much for me.
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  20. Maybe You're The Problem almost has the same BPM as Blinding Lights (Physical is actually slower than both songs), so I'm not surprised by the comparisons. Still a bop though!
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