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Ava Max - Million Dollar Baby + Diamonds & Dancefloors (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Feb 7, 2022.

  1. I love the artwork? Looking camp right in the eye x
  2. I actually think the debut cover is way better dd. There’s nothing salvageable or even enticing about this one. It looks like someone dumped a bin of toy jewelry on her head. At least the debut had the “Vogue” video reference.
  3. Such a consistently awful pop star.
  4. Yeah the cover sucks, but we’re only here for the bops.
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  5. (I really like the artwork.)
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  6. It looks like she’s peering up through a jewel print toilet seat.
  7. ….another terrible artwork (terrible wig too) anyway I’m only here for the bops
  8. I think the artwork isn't bad but the title absolutely sounds like fanfiction, which, considering Ava...on brand.
  9. Now, I’m not saying the cover is good, but I do like it.

    Also, I assume the Diamonds in the title are a reference to the certifications that this is going to get worldwide xx
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  10. [​IMG]


    Flop second album legends only!
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  11. [​IMG]
  12. So we got rid of that wig just to have now that cover, I'm tired
  13. She's in her Björk bag!

  14. upload_2022-6-1_14-54-51.jpeg
    Don’t forget Yelle
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  15. Not Lolly! Ava wishes she had a Per Sempre Amore
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  16. The cover is actually pretty great. I'm legit pumped for this album!
    I think it will look really striking on vinyl, especially if it has a shimmery/glittery elements in physical form.

    Those who don't see it's brilliance, did you look in a mirror and consider maybe you're the problem?
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  17. The grain filter on the cover makes it look very instagram rather than album cover.
  18. Her new logo is serving Born This Way.

  19. She keeps serving... already served stuff.
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  20. The cover & title are exactly what I’d expect from Ms. Max.
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