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Ava Max - Million Dollar Baby + Diamonds & Dancefloors (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Feb 7, 2022.

  1. What a lovely photo
  2. This slightly slaps for what it is

  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The poor girls cut out on either side n n.
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  4. Is Problem showing any signs of taking off? It's 2 on her Spotify with 30m streams which is neither smash nor disaster.
  5. I don't think it's going to end up doing much better than Everytime I Cry which is a bit of a flop start for a new era, particularly since they clearly threw a bit of money at the video and made a big deal out of this being the proper first single.

    I expected better but it's probably time for them to start moving on unless it's showing signs of life on US radio I'm unaware of.
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  6. Whoever heard the song and went 'yes that's the one, era starts'... worms.
  7. She had an album listening party today.

    Also new interview from today.

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  8. I really enjoy the song still and I wish it was doing better.
  9. Thought this was going to smash, to be honest. I truly wonder what's the next single in the cards and how is it going to play out.
  10. Even the worst song off her debut was better than this - Lil Nas X BT song teas
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  11. Maybe the song hits too close to home for people dd. Know it does me!
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  12. I still listen to Maybe You’re the Problem daily, it is so good. The lack of promo or attention from Ava and her label is a bit weird tho.
  13. The debut had crimes like Take You to Hell and So Am I so stop lying!
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  14. The song is amazing but obviously too ahead of its time for some! I'll keep those people in my thoughts and prayers.
  15. Problem sounds good, but just doesn't hit hard enough to be lead single for a second album in my opinion.
    I'm sure she has better songs on her albums.
  16. Maybe You're The Problem is still one of my favorite songs of the year. It was too ahead of its time.
  17. She really made me into a Little Maxipad with the one-two punch of The Motto and Maybe You’re The Problem.
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  18. Album credits via Apple Music:

    Track 1 - Amanda Ava Koci, David Stewart, Diane Warren, Henry Walter, Jessica Agombar, Michael Pollack & Peter Rycroft
    Track 2 - Alexander Izquierdo, Amanda Ava Koci, Henry Walter, Jonas Jeberg, Marcus Lomax & Sean Douglas
    Track 4 - Amanda Ava Koci, Henry Walter & Uzoechi Emenike
    Track 5 - Amanda Ava Koci, Henry Walter, Jessie L. Aicher, Johnny Goldstein, Madison Love, Nathaniel William Merchant, Sam Martin & William Spencer Bastien
    Track 6 - Amanda Ava Koci, Henry Walter, Madison Love, Melanie Schulz, Michel Schulz & Ryan Tedder
    Track 7 - Amanda Ava Koci, Caroline Ailin, Henry Walter & Michael Pollack
    Track 8 - Amanda Ava Koci, Henry Walter, Madison Love & Omar Fedi
    Track 9 - Amanda Ava Koci, Connor McDonough, Henry Walter & Madison Love
    Track 10 - Amanda Ava Koci, Brett McLaughlin, Caroline Ailin, Henry Walter & Mathew James Burns
    Track 11 - Amanda Ava Koci, Bernard Herrmann, Henry Walter, Jason Evigan & Madison Love
    Track 12 - Amanda Ava Koci, Connor McDonough, Henry Walter, Jakke Erixson, Madison Love & Riley McDonough
    Track 13 - Amanda Ava Koci, Connor McDonough, Henry Walter, Jakke Erixson & Madison Love
    Track 14 - Amanda Ava Koci, Henry Walter, Mathew James Burns, Pablo Bowman, Peter Rycroft & Sean Douglas
  19. I'm guessing track #1 must sample something?
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