Ava Max - "My Oh My" + 3rd Album

They/them, he/him
Maybe You're The Problem does absolutely nothing for me.

Honestly for me the problem isn't sampling itself its just that pop girls don't seem to have a sample library that goes any deeper than the biggest 90s dance hits. The reason I love Car Keys is because it was honestly a deep cut sample, at least for a pop song. I know trance enjoyers will drag me through the coals for that.

Streets of Cairo (not a dance hit but you get my point), Better Off Alone, Show Me Love... retire them!
This is no good and yet, exactly what I expect from her. She shows occasional moments of brilliance, but I worry that things like Naked are an anomaly while stuff like My Oh my is her norm.
Wait so she actually did the pose for her single cover? I thought it's photoshop nn. Slay!

Also scream at her saying writing the album was like therapy for her when the lead single is basically her name dropping the Hadid and Kardashian families. Never change sis.
She said she's starting the era with fun material and that she's gonna go deeper with the next singles.

We will see!
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