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Ava Max - Sweet But Psycho + Torn

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. Poor Diana being brought in the conversation along the pop disasters of the last three pages. She deserves better.
  2. Still a No. 1. Not everyone has that.
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  3. Does Ava?
  4. "Sweet But Psycho" was No. 1 in twenty-two countries.
  5. Oh wow!! I did not know that.
  6. It was easy to miss, only 2 of the 22 were in the top 10 music markets in the world (UK and Germany)
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  7. Thank you for making me feel less stupid haha.
  8. UGH. A banger!!!!
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  9. This garbage bop never got its due.

    And yet, I still play it monthly.
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  10. You watch your mouth!

    I wish this leaked in full:

    RedOne is literally a curse.
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  11. X Factor VT sorted out.
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  12. Nñn going to bring back the Leighton Meester convo to say that I played "Heartstrings" in the car with a friend recently and he asked "Is this Allie X????" which made me want to crash my car and now I can't differentiate their voices.

    But anyway,

    Bop! Ava wishes she had the range.
  13. Rob


    The absolute homophobia that this is not on Spotify and Nicki Minaj's Starships is the top result for its search. @aquaplex Where you at?
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  14. I love how people call half of these songs they're posting 'trash' when I consider a lot of them to be art.

    I'm sure I'll love this new Ava song when I hear it because she hasn't missed once as far as I'm concerned.
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  15. I had to order the promo CD to have this song. Was worth it though.
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  16. Fixed it for you.
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  17. Why-not-both.gif
  18. This is next to Dancing On My Own & Teenage Dream as the best singles from 2010.
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  19. This thread is such a mess.
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