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Ava Max - Who's Laughing Now? + Debut Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 5, 2018.

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  2. Excuse me but now GOD is investing in Tori Kelly, sweatie.
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  3. And so is Nationwide Insurance apparently!
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  4. Same difference, faggot.
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  5. I’ve had to suffer through this commercial being everywhere for a year now despite the fact that I barely watch tv anymore so you right bonch

  6. She’s the reason I left Nationwide.
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  7. I haven’t listened to Torn since it dropped and then this mix popped up randomly when I forgot to put my regular playlist on repeat

    It’s just a kick up on the original production but it raised it to tolerable for me.
  8. Oh wow. Mary J singing about burgers was entertaining at least.
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  9. So random that they've put this out since it's almost identical to the single mix?
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  10. I just checked and it’s an...eleven second difference in running time. Absolutely incredible.

  11. Do the 3.8 million views on this count towards Sweet But Psycho's sales?
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  12. We love a budget bigger than the one for the actual Sweet But Psycho video!
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  13. There was a 7’ edit of Liza Minnelli’s Losing My Mind that had a three second difference.

    There’s a useless fun fact for y’all.
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  14. A new single, with the amazing Pablo Alborán, is coming next week ( @londonrain ):

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  15. Tabu? Generic tropibop incoming.
  16. I absolutely love Pablo - surprised he picked Ava from the wide pool of pop girls TBH, but let's hope this will garner him some succes outside of Spain/Latin America
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  17. Most random collaboration of the year.
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  18. It sounds great just like his other upbeat songs. I hope that she performs it at the 40 Music Awards with him next week so I get to see Pablo live again, I love him.
  19. She sounds like Sia in that clip.
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