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Avatar: Legend of Aang/Korra

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by RJF, Aug 12, 2014.

  1. So I watched the first season and found the second a slog so I stopped midway through. Would it be appropriate to jump to season 3?
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    No. Get through Season 2. Not only does it have the origin story of the first Avatar (One of the best episodes across both series and the most beautifully animated thing they've ever done.), it also sets up a lot of the conflicts in Season 3.
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  3. Dammit. Alright.
  4. I am so happy how this series ended, it was so beautiful and unexpected. I love that the finale gave a good closure to the series, but it also opened a whole new door of possibilities, I am looking forward to see whatever comics will follow.

    Anyone intersted to hear the thoughts of the creators on the final scene should have a look at this:
  5. Get through it, I promise you it's so good.

    This show is a 10/10. The ending is everything I've wished for. I secretly hoped for it, but did not expect they would actually do it. I'm so satisfied with this ending, I don't even know what to say anymore.

    But I'll come back.
  6. I've always catched a few glimpses of the first series on TV, without ever being fully interested. This week, I decided to give a go to the Korra series (yes, I went with that first, but I did know more or less the story of the first series anyway). And I've been under the charm since then.

    I don't exactly feel like the first two seasons were weak like it's been mentioned here (in fact, the season 1 truly has a certain charm and the second season has an interesting concept when you get to the First Avatar story), although I'll agree that the 3rd season definitely felt like they knew what they should be doing and what they shouldn't and I guess it could be considered better for that matter.

    I haven't watched the fourth season yet, I must admit the finale of the third season chilled me up a bit. That poor girl just can't catch a break and I know for a fact that the last season gets darker, or at least, more cynical... What will they put this poor girl through again?

    So, anyway, I thought I would watch the Aang series for a while before going back to the last season of Korra eventually.

    (Praise me @Totto )
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  7. Aang is much lighter comparatively. Korra does a great job of growin with its audience which the original air vender series didn't do. They're both fantastic in their own right however. If sentimentality weren't involved I'd probably prefer Korra.
  8. Korra's Seasons 3 and 4 are amazing! really weel written tv show, wish they had continued...
  9. I watch this over and over again every now and then. It was soooo good.

    Good news for the fans of the series, the first of three graphic novels will be released in June 2017, picking up Asami and Korra's relationship as they return from the Spiritual Word to a Republic City in disarray.
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  10. I was just thinking today of doing a rewatch. I love both Aang and Korra but think Korra might just pull slightly ahead as my fave. Series 3 is pretty much perfect. I'm glad her story will continue on.
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  11. I miss this series so much, I hope they creators come together at some point and give us another avatar story. Sometime I wish Hollywood would make a proper good remake of this, but the risk of staining the legacy of the animated series its to high. We already saw what happened with the first alive action movie.
  12. The Last Airbender is amazing, it makes my heart feel all warm and fuzzy.

    I'll get onto Korra sometime.
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  13. I just finished the original series. Holy fuck one of the best shows ever.
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  14. It really is such an amazing little show. So underrated and weirdly forgotten.
  15. So I finally started Korra and am finished Season 1. My problem is... no-one is all that likeable. Including (especially tbh) Korra. It's nice to see more bending but it's nowhere near the brilliance of the original.

    Does it pick up in terms of watchability?
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  16. RJF


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  17. I struggled with Korra too - unfortunately I found I only really like series 3 but the rest is worth a watch (especially as we have quite a lot of time on our hands now!)
  18. Nothing about it feels as natural or essential as anything from the original series (it's like they are constantly throwing things at the wall, very kitchen-sinky, they forget about arcs, characters, their quirks etc and there is no overarching narrative that culminates in the finale), but it is worth it for what it adds to the lore and the universe of the Avatar in my opinion, and there are a lot of really big and spectacular moments throughout, especially at the very end.
  19. Seeing this thread brought up so many emotions. I absolutely adore both series and I agree that the first 2 seasons from Korra are so muddy but the last 2 seasons more than make up for it and the villains created *chef's kiss*. Firelord Ozai wishes he had the range honestly.
    I get the chills only thinking about Korra's story and recovery in the fourth season, that was a masterpiece.
  20. Holy fucking fuck. Season 2 was a huge step up in terms of quality then season 3 came and bended my buss off. Since they switched to heavy plot based arcs (let's face it, the characters aren't as strong as the original cast to pull off love triangles/ personal conflicts) the show has been fucking killing it like the earth queen. The Red Lotus arc phewwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    Stan Bo-lin. Stan Asami.
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