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Avatar: The Way of Water (Teaser OUT NOW)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by AudioScience, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. The score for the trailer is so ethereal I love it
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  2. I saw it yesterday at the cinema for the first time. Beautiful.

    I am so excited to see more.
  3. Yeah this looks fucking great.
  4. The score is nice and soothing. I wouldn't mind if there's more exploration than (bombastic) action.

    The first poster does show how the visuals have evolved from the first movie:

  5. I have a feeling this will flop (hard).

    Avatar itself is not a strong IP to be put on hold for 13 years and has lost any sort of cultural relevancy it might've had (even after it peaked, it failed to enter into public consciousness - can anybody remember an iconic image / dialogue / anything out of this?).

    I feel the main draw here is technical prowess (exactly like the first one, which became huge because it was "an unmissable 3D experience"), and the power of good looking CGI has greatly diminished over modern audiences. They will need to sell the hell out of this to make it a must-watch.
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  6. The ‘no cultural impact’ thing has been such a self fulfilling prophecy. People genuinely did connect to it, visual effects alone don’t give you a gross that huge. People just…kind of turned on the movie because apparently it’s less original than every other blockbuster with a stock story (not shade just a double standard). It’s borderline a meme how many people announce their hot take that it’s Pocahontas/Fern Gully like they discovered the hidden depths of film critique

    The key to Avatar is Pandora, and Pandora really was the character that lasted. It’s easy to fall into comparisons but 13 years between movies simply won’t have the same public consciousness as comic book characters or Star Wars merch etc.

    side note on commercial performance is that Avatar has been beaten gross wise a few times in America, but the international gross was absolutely gigantic. A global movie in every sense and I can see it performing massively well in China, especially when it’s visuals and story feel universal in a way that connects even with needing subtitles/dubbing.
  7. LTG


    Yes the sex scene and them plugging their wires into each other (which they unforgivably cut when uploading to Disney+).
  8. BTG


    If they somehow bring Michelle Rodriguez back, I’ll be there.
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  9. This take is so three years ago! Just because something doesn’t have eighteen spin-offs and a million sequels doesn’t mean it’s forgotten.

    I think this will make a billion dollars - never doubt Jim Cameron!
  10. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    A lot of the backlash has always had this weird undertone of taking James Cameron "down a peg" - so many people want him to fail because they think it's somehow deserved for having created something so large. And then the takes where they spin their opinions are undeniable, infallible facts...bizarre. Disliking something and holding steadfast to your opinions is fine, but when you surmise that your perspective is shared by everyone...well that's just pushing a narrative and trying to get away with it.

    There's still a huge community of people that do remember the first film, whether for its tech, its visuals, or for people that truly invested - the whole package, but this overtly-contrarian response is doing too much. The film will be fine. It will do fine. If you don't like it or wanna see it, cool, but trying to bury the body without a coffin is not the move.
  11. The second he made the studio get the water tank out it was ova! Don't bet against Jimmy and a movie he's gonna make in the water.
  12. This isn’t limited to Avatar. Most science fiction franchises have cretins doing this. It’s incredibly toxic.
  13. The trailer doesn’t show much apart from beautiful scenery, but you can bet I’ll be watching this in IMAX as soon as I can.

    What the hell does this mean?
  14. LTG


    Intellectual property i.e. a franchise or something based on a book. Because a lot of more original films have flopped, the big studios are focussing on IPs. Like that was one of the common justifications for Amazon buying MGM, lots of existing intellectual property to exploit.
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  15. I can’t see this being anything other than a massive success. It doesn’t matter that the original came out 13 years ago, plenty of people have seen it after it’s initial release in the years that followed - it’s iconic. Whether or not people remember every detail, I feel like you’d be hard pressed to find an average person who hasn’t seen the original and remember it as being an incredible film.
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  16. I think after a lot of the events of the past few years, Pandora will really resonate as a place of escapism. The Na’vi are meant to be the best of what humanity could be, and I think an earnest story like that will be an outlier these days.
  17. The first movie is also just still making money in theaters, it won back the box office crown from Avengers while just chugging away quietly. There's an audience and they are hungry for some water and the way of it.
  18. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    And I think it's getting released/remastered in 4K for theaters in August or September ahead of the new film. Cameron was smart for never putting it out on home media or on Disney+ in 4K...he effectively saved that for when people would wanna see the original in a better resolution before dipping in the new waters of the sequel...and still make $$$ to add to its box-office numbers.
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  19. I think this will have a pretty massive opening due to anticipation, but probably won't have the same longevity in cinemas, which makes total sense given the first film's rather unique combo of initial James Cameron buzz vs. word of reputation as being the tentpole 3D film of its time. This sequel will almost certainly surpass $1 billion. 2 billion? That's definitely more up for question, but certainly isn't out of the question.

    After that, I reckon there will probably be diminishing returns due to the frequency of the further sequels this decade - just how diminishing will depend on how well they're received, really.
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