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Avatar: The Way of Water (Teaser OUT NOW)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by AudioScience, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. Mr.Arroz

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    Yeah, it's all over the official Reddit. I'm not sure it's much of a spoiler since Cameron stated that Quaritch would be the main protagonist of the sequels. And if you look closely, the avatar shares the same tattoo. A theory is that the original Quaritch himself was cloned and that he was psionically linked to the human body we saw? And that he's returning but this time in an avatar body to face Jake's family directly to weaken and demoralize them before going for more unobtainium.
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  2. the human child in the trailers is adopted by Jake and Neytiri post being abandoned between movies. I can see there being a lot of interesting family dynamics, especially if Jake’s kids don’t know his history with the RDA
  3. I felt so giddy watching that trailer. I've said before what a massive fan I still am of the original film - I can't believe the sequel is finally here! It looks even more stunning than before.

    I do always have to laugh at the "Nobody remembers the first film" criticism for why the sequel won't work. As if that's ever stopped a film before. I think once the promo ramps up the film will do just fine.

    Yeah, I also remember James Cameron announcing the return pretty much from when he announced the sequels. I won't lie, I'm not here for this at all - I wasn't a fan of Quaritch as an antagonist, so definitely don't want him back. But I'm keeping open minded and hoping that if he's being brought back then there's a good storyline reason behind it.
  4. Sigourney Weaver is going to end up being some manifestation of Eywa right? Especially when her consciousness was made one with Pandora with her death
  5. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I really just wanna know how the avatar technology has evolved.
  6. I hope the plot isn’t too similar to the first . . .
  7. VICE trying to call the visual effects *dated* is sending me.
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  8. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Oh another thing you can see in the trailer is the thicker tails on the Metkayina as well as their forearms, apparently both supposed to be evolutionary traits since they're water/reef-based. I really hope that's explored a bit.
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  9. The shots of those structures that look much more ancient really fascinate me. I’d love to see more of the history of the tribes of Pandora, it’s teased a little with Toruk in the first and how they united the clans in a time of ‘great sorrow’ but would be intriguing to see what that was
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  10. ‘Nobody cares about Avatar!!’

  11. LTG


    Everyone getting their unobtanium stan cards laminated
  12. aux


    I haven't seen the original in ages, but I vividly remember watching the film in IMAX 3D when it came out and being completely blown away by the visuals and the mythology. I wholeheartedly agree with @joe_alouder, Pandora is a character in and of itself and that, at least for me, intrigues me to watch the film and explore this world further. I'm sure Disney knows this as well, just look at the Pandora section in Animal Kingdom and how the trailer doesn't really focus on the story, but rather, the world the film is set in. I understand it's a teaser, but still, point stands.
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  13. James Cameron is well versed in making the doubters eat their words. There were plenty trying to bury Titanic sight unseen, and all the signs had pointed to it being a disaster - months behind schedule, tens of millions over budget, all manner of issues on set - until people saw it.

    The same could easily apply here, and even if people not "remembering" the original were an issue, Disney have a full seven months to ensure they're reminded.
  14. Ironically, the people whining that no one cares about Avatar are creating more buzz that then makes people care about Avatar.
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  15. Not one of my friends sending me exactly this in text message ddd
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  16. I was going to say, the narrative that this is an irrelevant property seems to have only sparked a renewed interest and passion from those who genuinely love it in a way that has felt quiet for the last decade.
  17. Honestly both sides of the Avatar debate are exhausting to me.

    The film crit Twitter debates over how many billions the film is going to make are gross considering the state of the world just now.

    The James Cameron hero worship is kindof baffling considering he’s been known to be a massive twat on set to the people he works with (but don’t forget Jamie Lee Curtis is the devil for playfully talking shit about another film).

    The people who act like the first film didn’t exist are being painfully obtuse.

    The film is half a year away from being released and I’m already sick of the discourse.
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  18. I think the dedicated fans just have a reputation for being fundamentally nice. That episode of ‘How To With John Wilson’ with the fan group is so genuinely sweet
  19. The way I kind of look at it is that they didn’t build a brand around the first film, it was a huge success and I don’t think you can deny that people remember it.

    But when you look deeper, they may not remember the plot or the characters but I don’t think that’s hugely unusual. It’s not a staple on TV and there hasn’t been anything to really buy into for those key things or characters to stick around.

    It’s very hard to compare it to other movies at that level because the closest comparisons have created whole universes with characters that we have been given an opportunity to connect to through sequels, spin-offs, TV shows, merchandise, etc.

    Disney World has given the universe building a head start, it really is incredible technology they put into the Avatar land and will have bought the world of Pandora back into the minds of everyone who’s been.
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  20. Not in this thread, ddd.

    It’s obviously not nothing and it’s great that the people who love it love it so much. I just find it interesting how it’s cultural legacy is so much smaller than its success.

    Sure, comparing it to the likes of Harry Potter, Star Wars and the MCU isn’t entirely fair. But even standalone smash hits like Titanic tend to have left a mark — “paint me like one of your French girls” or throwing your arms wide at the front of a ship are things still heard and seen quite regularly. Yet if you see people painting themselves blue for a costume party, they’re more likely going as Smurfs than Na’vi. The first thing most people know about Avatar is its box office numbers.

    I kinda place it in the same bucket as Jurassic World; despite that film’s connection to Jurassic Park and it’s huge box office success, it hasn’t left a huge mark.

    Nevertheless, the tech looks cool and I’m intrigued to see what Cameron has done with it.

    Enjoy away, little Pandoristas!
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