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Avatar: The Way of Water (Teaser OUT NOW)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by AudioScience, Nov 19, 2009.

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    Twitter followers already chiming in on me like angry Redditors. Why do people think that harassing you with their concrete-minted POV means you need to change yours?
  2. I do have to say that given how huge the movie was at the time I feel like it's not really referenced or remembered in terms of story or characters as much as its success level would usually have you believe. Everyone can remember the names of Rose and Jack from Titanic whether you enjoyed that movie or not. However, I think comparing it to the Star Wars / MCU like so many are doing (and that infamous video did) is a little unfair as Avatar was just one single solo film with no follow up or cinematic universe to build on (until now).

    I watched Avatar a couple of times years ago and honestly the footage in the trailer could have been scenes from the original from how much I remember it but I will still be happily lining up to see this new one as soon as it comes out and most people claiming nobody cares about Avatar will probably be doing so too.
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  3. I agree it hasn't left the cultural imprint of something like Titanic but what has? It's an impossible standard. Do all the Marvel billion+ dollar blockbusters have the impact of Titanic? It was probably THE movie of the 90s.
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  4. I'm not saying that all do, but I'm saying I understand - to a degree - what people mean when people say for the insane size of its success it feels disproportionate to how well it's remembered. Titanic was just one example but a lot of those movies in the top 20 highest grossing that were huge cultural phenomenons. It's not as much of a huge deal as some people make it out to be and a lot of people do far too much regardless.
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  5. I don’t for a moment believe the original has been forgotten, but a more charismatic lead would have given people something to latch on to over the years, in addition to the awesome world building. Sam Worthington was fairly forgettable.
  6. Just stumbled across this and would totally watch a two hour documentary about Pandora, narrated by Sigourney Weaver.
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  7. Someone made a really good point about how James Cameron directs Pandora like a legit documentary a lot of the time. It really sells it as ‘real’

  8. Exactly. And even more specifically, Avatar seemed specifically aimed at merchandising: toys, Halloween costumes, video games…all should have been huge, but…never were. Leona’s song was “supposed” to be the next “My Heart Will Go On,” yet it flopped. Everything related to the movie flopped, yet…the movie soared.

    No one is denying the movie’s success (or the sequel’s likely success), we just can’t understand it.
  9. This was because of that stupid decision to only let you download it as part of the album. Great song, flop release strategy!
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  10. I See You is also more like…atmospheric vibes than My Heart Will Go On. It’s not an obvious hit
  11. The theme song not being a hit and the movie's tie-in videogame not making much impact isn't quite "everything related to the movie flopped". It's not as if there's even been much Avatar content released over the last several years anyway, or a much of an effort to turn it into a huge multimedia franchise, though I imagine that will change now that the sequels are finally happening.
  12. I think I heard the song once and never again. It just isn't a banger.
  13. Yeah, I don't see the theme song not being a hit as much of an argument personally either. The label messed that one up. If it was available to buy at the time I'm sure it would have been a sizable hit.
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  14. Also, we actually have Simon Cowell partially to blame for that one. Syco opted to focus on marketing her current single I Got You instead. But also the song isn’t that great in the first place.
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  15. Maybe the real unobtainium was post Echo Leona Lewis hits :(
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