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Avengers: Endgame **SPOILERS**

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikl C, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. The spoiler tags were getting annoying.
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  2. Natasha dies
  3. I was a bitsy shook. I thought the BW movie kind of confirmed she'd survive. Maybe they announced it for that reason?
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  4. It's a prequel, is it not? Makes sense in a way - now that her story is over, we finally get to see how it began.

    I was expecting them to go bleaker than they did, but it was all beautifully done, particularly Captain America's ending. I don't think it wasted a second of its three hours either.
  5. I think they announced a Black Widow movie to throw people off the trail.
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  6. I had an 8 year old girl sitting next to me and when Black Widow died, she broke out in hysterical crying screaming "NO! NO!". I felt so bad for this girl. The Russo's traumatized her.

    Two biggest cheers in BOTH of my showings last night:
    1. Cap picking up Mjolnir
    2. The women having Carol's back.

    During my second showing, i was set next to two fellow Carol stans, so when that moment happens I just spontaneously yelled "BAD B*TCHES LINK UP!". Got a good laugh out of my audience.

    Opening night was fantastic, had two great crowds.
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  7. I mean, I get Natasha's death and why it kinda had to be her, but it still feels...cheap?
  8. I let out an involuntary gay shriek when Wanda was whooping Thanos and the all female lineup. The gay energy between Cap and Bucky was at an all time high too. Low-key thought he'd spent his life with him.
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  9. I'm still shook by Wanda's powers. In Infinity War, she destroys the mind stone whilst holding Thanos (with five stones already) down. Now she was about to rip him appart when he basically screamed for help.

    'I don't even know who you are.'
    'You will.'

    I live.
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  10. My favourite moment. What a queen.

    I yelped when Iron Man Suit Gwyneth Paltrow showed up. Iconic.
  11. That would totally make sense but I dunno...
    Surely they wouldn’t have casted parts and arranged a director of thatvwas the case?
    It would kinda be hilarious though.

    It’ll be nice to have a proper sendoff for her, she done so dirty!
    I could totally see the film be something along the lines of other characters remembering times they’ve had with her but also show her origins. It would be a nice farewell, a bit bittersweet.
  12. Uno


    I haven't seen it yet, and am on the fence on seeing it tonight or not.

    I personally don't care about spoilers, so I just want to know: I know she's a very minor character, but does Mantis have any good moments in the film? I absolutely love her and wish there was a bit more of her in Infinity War.
  13. Unless they are casting for a MCU movie but it’s not Black Widow?
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  14. Considering the years of criticism Marvel has suffered for underserving Black Widow (and women in general, although that has improved to some extent) I don't think they would dare announce a film and then reveal that it was all a ruse so that people wouldn't guess that she was going to die. I reckon it's a prequel that they will sell as a swansong to the character.
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  15. I imagine it will be a prequel, or perhaps something set during the 5 years? That could be pretty effective as a goodbye for ScarJo and Natasha.
  16. There is a moment at the end of the film when all the other female heroes (save Black Widow obviously) are on screen together and Mantis is there for that. Unfortunately, each of the other female characters gets to do something action-y after that and she doesn't.
  17. Mantis doesn't really have a useful Big Battle Brawl power though. I think Infinity War used her really well to sedate Thanos while they tried to get the glove off.

    Is it my hatred of Chris Pratt or is Starlord a garbage character now?
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  18. Both!
    I remember laughing out loud at the one line she had in the whole movie.
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  19. I have to say, it was very sad Black Widow wasn’t there when all the women came together for that brief absolutely awesome moment.
  20. Unpopular opinion: I stan Pepper Potts. I don't even know why.
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