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Avril Lavigne - 6th Album (2018)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 25, 2016.

  1. I'm sensing this will be something really great, a true progression from the Under My Skin sound. "These songs are so close to my heart. Wish me luck while I throw every last drop of me into these final stages." Doesn't make me think we'll be getting any 'Girlfriend's or 'What the Hell's this time around
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  2. Hasn't she been doing a lot of these songs with JR Rotem? I wouldn't necessarily be expecting Nobodys Home part 2, but whatever.
  3. He also produced a lot of Gwen's last album which was pretty decent, so, who knows.
  4. Is this shade?
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  5. I actually didn't love that Gwen album that much, so I hope it steers away from that.
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  6. I doubt it'll be the same sound but production wise it was top notch.
  7. Just get your ass over here please. I have still to see her live. Pretty sure if they play their cards right she could sell out three shows in Germany in decent venues. Obviously not arenas but a lot of people still enjoy her older stuff. Who knows. Probably won't happen.

    Well at least do London please.
  8. Dropping off a box of discounted Abbey Dawn hoodies, no doubt.
  9. She should ditch the bleach for this new era.
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  10. Avril at Bebe Rexha's "Women in Harmony" dinner party. Charli XCX was also there, imagine a Charli and Avril collab. That would be awesome, or a song written by Charli for Avril.

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  11. Wait we knew she was working with Lauren Christy again right?
  12. Defintely, it washes her out.
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  13. I'm very excited about this prospect. I wish she decided to bury the hatchet with Chantal Kreviazuk as well.
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  14. This x 1,000.
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  15. Seriously, she'd look so much better without the blonde hair and typical female celeb hairstyle.
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  16. She should go back to this colour. Not too blonde and she looks best with straight hair.

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  17. Wait, what happened with Chantal?
  18. It's complicated. The short version is. Chantal constantly medled with Avril's personal life, she thought she was too young to get married to Deryck. They tried to reconcile in '05 at Avril's birthday party but it didn't go well. They had a huge falling out. Then when The Best Damn Thing was released Chantal had a complete fit because she thought the song Contagious was put on the album without her consent. But the problem was that she and Avril had written a song called Contagious for Under My Skin with a completely different subject matter. But Chantal got on her high horse and claimed it was the same song that ended on TBDT and her writing credits were removed. Avril had to release a statement on her Myspace account stating that the similar song titles was completely accidental and that it was a different song. They haven't spoken since.
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  19. I thought Chantal and Raine Maida created magic together on Under My Skin. They worked so well together with Avril seeing as how young she was.
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