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Avril Lavigne - 6th Album (2018)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 25, 2016.

  1. Let Go
    Under My Skin
    Avril Lavigne
    The Best Damn Thing
    Goodbye Lullaby

  2. I LOVE that long high note. Wish she did that more often. The woman obviously has serious vocal chops.
  3. She's such an incredible live singer, she never gets credit for it.

    I adore her Roxy set too:

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  4. I saw her on the Bones tour in 2004 and she so much energy on stage, she was great. I hope to see her love again one.
  5. If you just want to rank albums, for me it's Goodbye Lullaby > The Best Damn Thing > Under My Skin > Let Go >> Avril Lavigne.

    If you want to rank her discography, we've already done it before and I'll run the next rendition at some point once we get new music.
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  6. I had tickets to the Bonez Tour but due to circumstances I couldn't attend at the last minute but I listened to a recording of the show I was supposed to go to and she sounded stellar. She has it in her.

    But it's also because she's worked with that lousy vocal coach since 2011 that she isn't giving it her all and she uses these strange accents during certain songs. And it's very noticable. To me atleast.
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  7. Any word on a first single? I'd imagine album will be late Q3 with an Sept/October release?
  8. If she's smart, she'll drop the single with an album release date that's no more than two months later. Capitalize on the "comeback single" press while she has it.

    Learn from the mistakes Interscope made with Fergie and Gwen.
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  9. Anyone trying to come back after being away a while should use the Rainbow rollout timeframe as a blueprint.
  10. The Best Damn Thing is brilliant. Everything Back but You, and TBDT go off!
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  11. I Don't Have to Try is that underrated bop.
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  12. Peaches says hello.
  13. And the guitars are straight out of a Sum 41 song, but it all comes together as perfection with Avril's voice and attitude.
  14. She wears the pants
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  15. I'm here for her working with Evan again.
  16. Are they still close? I know he was at her wedding with Chad but they haven't been seen since. No paparazzi shots, no instagram posts. I wonder if he was there for her during her Lyme disease.

    I hope they're okay. I know she's buddies with her hair and make up guy but Evril have been best friends for 16 years.
  17. 'Hot' is my personal favorite from The Best Damn Thing, what a song
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  18. I mostly just like her first two albums, but "Hot" is a perfect pop song, and "Rock N' Roll" comes pretty close. That whole "here's to never growing up" shtick needs to die.
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  19. I want her and Evan to write another Hot. It's indeed a fantastic song and still pops off today.
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  20. How did Rock N Roll beat I'm With You? I think I'm in the slight majority that LIKES RnR but thinks Here's To Never Growing Up is the better single...
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