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Avril Lavigne - 7th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Dec 19, 2020.

  1. There's a few of us who actually liked it!
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  2. I liked it but just didn't feel the need to go back to it all that much.
  3. I liked it but I know she can do better.
  4. I liked some of it. Tell Me It's Over is fantastic for a dramatic singalong when no one's watching. She sounds phenomenonal on it.
  5. Head Above Water and Tell Me It’s Over are two of her best ever songs for me, but the rest of the album ranges for mediocre to shit.
  6. They're shooting the mv for Flames! Can't wait to watch it.
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  7. I lied.

    I already forgot about it.
  8. I still burn for you,
    Like the sun burns in the sky.
    I still burn for you.

    I still burn for you,
    My whole life I’ve been on fire.
    I still burn for you.

    Up In FlAmEs, Up In FlAmEs
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  9. Music video for Flames will be released today.

  10. Wait not me starting to bop a little.
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  11. Surely her best video since uhhh Rock n Roll? She better deliver the same quality visuals for her own project.
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  12. Nn I hate that I kinda like this. It's the most bearable Mod Sun has ever been on his solo project, and Avril obviously sounds right at home on this nostalgic pop-punk bop. You'd tell me it came out in 2007 and I wouldn't bat an eye.
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  13. No idea what a “MOD SUN” is but this is a nice bit of nostalgia at least. Just wish the song was longer, couldn’t really get into it on the first few listens.
  14. I love the new song, and even though I kept a handful of songs from her last album, I can’t wait to hear new/better songs from her again.
  15. This song is really bad.

    OK, Avril is fine on it. Can’t really fault her too much. But the song itself just... doesn’t work.
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  16. Yeah, i'm not feeling it. But you know what it's better than that and i'm HOPE that we get more of this from her?

    A classic.
  17. Someone asked her on instagram if her new music will be like flames and she replied “My new music will be pop punk rock n roll”
  18. So, nothing new then.
  19. Avril is not an artist I need much experimentation from. Pop/punk/rock is her wheelhouse, and that's more than OK.
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