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Avril Lavigne - 7th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Dec 19, 2020.

  1. Yeah, give me some bangers ala Rock N Roll, some ballads ala I’m With You and Give You What You Like and I’ll bop
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  2. Scream at one of the locations being in my city (?)
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  3. Well, to be fair she really tried to make a change with Goodbye Lullaby, but with some really annoying interference of RCA Records forcing her to change basically everything, the final product is far from what she wants with only a few things here and there.
  4. RMK


    It's weird that once she got her creative control she.. Didn't know what to do? Head Above Water feels like a few inspired songs and some confused filler. She just went back to The Matrix, and was like hmmm.
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    1. Joker
    2. Deja Vu
    3. Love Sux
    4. Avalanche
    5. Me, Myself, I ft. ????
    6. Hellelujah
    7. Californ Yeah! Ft Mod Sun
    8. Burn Out
    9. Kiss Me Just Like the World is Ending
    10. Pity Party
    11. Eternally
    12. Dancing with a Hurricane
    13. Bite Me ft. Marshmellow
    14. To Fall in Love
    15. Boys Lie ft. Machine Gun Kelly
    16. Take My Breath
    17. Dare
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  5. I’m liking the sound of these titles. Really hoping she makes a decent comeback this time.
  6. I'll be really (happily) surprised if she already has a tracklist meaning the whole thing is pretty much done?
  7. A Marshmello feature??
  8. Some of those song titles read like absolute choices
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  9. I’ll take these over the borefest of her last album.
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  10. This is very exciting. Interesting that they’ve written B-Side next to Dancing With a Hurricane.
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  11. That’s the same guy who produced Ashley Tisdale’s last album. I don’t have high hopes.
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  12. Love Sux, Hellelujah and CalinfornYeah! are truly awful song titles but I do enjoy myself quite a bit of Avril so looking forward to the album.

    I really liked her last album, even though she stills has that teeny/bratty sound from when she was 17. I guess she still likes to rock out and throw shit around like a true rock chick.
  13. I’ve looked at his Wikipedia page and his writing/production credits are impressive. Think he will work well with Avril.
  14. I can't wait to listen to Boys Lie ft. Mod Sun once and never again teebs
  15. A song called Me, Myself & I having a feature.


    Is this the lyrical depth we are in for?! Christ.
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  16. Later day blink-182, Escape The Fate and...Papa Roach?
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  17. Optically she didn‘t age.
    Regarding the song titles, she didn‘t grow up either.

    excited nonetheless.
  18. I feel she really perfected her own formula in the first two albums and then... the stagnation set in. The juvenile schtick is fun at times but I just don’t think she has in her anymore to deliver another I’m With You or Happy Ending.

    God I miss those days, though.
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  19. Californ Yeah is such an appalling title, but I'm worried it'll be the sort of thing that gets me bopping.
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