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J-Babes said:
The vocals in the last 30 seconds are stunning.

She'll never sing them live though. She never pushes herself live. She won't even sing the "higher" note at the end of the middle 8 in Innocence. It's not even that high and she's perfectly capable of hitting it. The higher notes in Wish You Were Here are much higher than Innocence so there's no chance she'll ever sing them again.
Yea, it's most likely going to flop...but I love this. From the Middle 8 onwards, it's just absolutely gorgeous.
So I just listened to this for the first time out of curiousity and really liked it. It instantly sounded like single material to me and could be a medium sized hit if it has a good video at least. I might even listen to other songs from the album (so far only the singles, this and Push).
The video was beautiful, especially since it was obvious they were under a tight budget. I hope this garners some success, and hopefully enough to get Push out there.
I like the video. It's quite good for such a low budget. But the picture she put on Twitter made me think it was gonna be set outside on a dock somewhere. I was a bit disappointed it was all in one room. I do love the way the first verse is shot though.

The crying was a bit much to watch. It's not that much of an emotional song. When You're Gone is more emotional than this and a proper reason for a cry.
I want her to release a "Cheers" remix and then invest heavily in some European and South American promo. She might not be smashing in the USA but she's still a big name artist in various other markets; don't let that slip, toss a bone to your overseas fans and cash in them foreign checks girl.
This has been my favourite track off the album by a country mile since the album leaked. It's stunning. The production, her vocal, the lyrics... just everything is perfect.

I like the video, but it definitely got that "We've run out of money for this campaign" feel to it.
I like the video but I hate the way it's been shot and edited... it looks too cheap :(
I know it was probably cheap but you don't need money to make something simple look good


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I hate the editing. Why on earth would they hire Christina Aguilera's "You Lost Me" editor? Horrid.

The video would've been 50% better if she moved to a different room during the second verse or something, and then another room for the bridge.

Such a shame this will probably go unnoticed. It literally took months for Smile to actually make an impact (in the US), and in the end it peaked at like #67 or whatever.

EDIT - Turns out the song debuted at #99 the week of the album release, so maybe there's a chance for this to take off seeing as it managed to debut on the Hot 100 with no promo.
The video is alright for its budget. I like the way they edited it. I would have liked the video better if it was somewhere brighter but I'm fine with what they did.
I'd have liked a few more scenes, some ~poetic~ imagery and something to happen. But it's ok. It seems cheap and awfully edited but it serves it's purpose. Great song deserved better.
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